Men In Bangalore, India, Protest Spate Of Rapes — In Skirts

Fed up with the idea that women are somehow inviting rape by wearing “immodest” clothing, a group of men in Bangalore, India, have taken to wearing skirts in protest. Their protest comes right after the recent gang rape and brutal beating death of Jyoti Singh Pandey, and the men wanted to show solidarity. The protesters are also wearing signs that say “teach your sons not to rape” and “men, don’t skirt the issue — speak up, support women.”

“The point of this protest isn’t to rally or shout slogans, but rather show how wearing a skirt is just normal and that a piece of clothing cannot invite rape,” said Samarpita Samaddar, one of the protest’s organizers. After weeks of nothing but horrible news coming from India, it’s inspiring to hear these men stand up for women. [CNN]