Hump Day Hottie: Ben Affleck

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This Hump Day Hottie is kind of a special one, because I’m bestowing it upon director Ben Affleck, not actor Ben Affleck,recognizing him as a hottie who has only improved — like, a lot — with age and a change of focus in his career. Ben initially, of course, became famous as an actor, for both good — “Good Will Hunting,” “Chasing Amy” — but more often bad — “Gigli,” “Jersey Girl,” “Bounce” — movie roles. He was Matt Damon’s taller sidekick, J. Lo’s suddenly tan boyfriend/fiance, and a reported gambling addict. He had such potential, but it sort of seemed like fame got to him and he didn’t know what to do with his creative impulses for a couple of years.

And then Ben got married — to longtime friend/crush Jennifer Garner — had a couple of kids (he’s officially got three now), and decided to try his hand at directing. To quote “The Little Mermaid,” it was a whole new world and a whole new Ben. Thanks to his films “The Town” and “Argo,” it’s no longer embarrassing to have a serious girl boner for Ben Affleck! And the fact that he’s  actually making good movies – on top of being a standup husband and father — makes him so much more attractive. Unfortunately, the Academy apparently didn’t get the memo, because they totally dissed him for an Oscar nomination, but the fact that he’s under-appreciated by the establishment makes Ben even sexier to gals like me. So yeah, maybe he won’t win an Oscar for directing this year, but he has won our hearts and loins back, probably forever. Check out a gallery of Ben photos above — I included a few beefcake-y ones for fun because obviously.