Happy 39th Birthday, Kate Moss! We’re Celebrating You With GIFs

The long-standing baddest bitch in the game turns 39 today. That means she’s been in the business for 20 years, which is about four times as long as the average model. It’s easy to see why Kate Moss has had such a lasting effect on the fashion world: it’s got as much to do with her devil-may-care attitude and scandalous (former) ways as it does with her long legs and striking features, which have been landing magazine covers (fashion glossies and tabloid trash alike), billboards, and ad campaigns and headlining runway shows since her induction. Let’s take a look at Kate being Kate over the years … [Photo: Corinne Day/Vanity Fair]

Ah, the days of Kate and Johnny. So hot.

The O.G. hair-whipper. Girlfriend doesn’t even need a wind machine.

Blow smoke in the face of basic bitches.

 Kate the Great laughs in the face of lesser beings.

Feigning interest with perfect hair.

She rules the runway.

Looking devilish, as you do.

Ah, the royal wedding! So freakin’ cute!

What is this? Crab hands, I guess!

Having a laugh backstage.


Nobody does it better…

Ahem. Judging you.

Ooh, that hair.

Twirl, Kate, twirl!

Yeah, she runs this shit.

The queen, sitting pretty in her throne.

Ever-so-charming in her first ever test shoot.

The face that launched 1,000 ad campaigns.

Always recognizable, even in a high-fashion skullcap.