“The Bachelor” Recap: The Claws Start To Come Out & Racial Diversity Is Actually Discussed

Dare I say it? I’m actually starting to seriously like and actually crush on Bachelor Bronze and it’s not just because if I close my eyes he sounds like Channing Tatum! I honestly think Sean may be, as Chris Harrison would say, the most sincere “Bachelor” in the history of the show, but also, gulp, the most openminded. I’m serious! He may be the most Aryan-looking “Bachelor” of all time, but it certainly seems like he’s not necessarily looking for the same in his eventual bride. This is by far the most diverse cast of bachelorettes ever — the women still on the show in episode two include three Black women, an Asian woman and a Persian woman — and while producers may have been more inclined to cast that way after receiving so much flack for the whiteness of previous casts, these women seem to reflect the variety of women Sean is genuinely attracted to. But more on that in a bit. Let’s get to recapping…

It’s time for another one-on-one date, and the lucky lady who will spend the day with Sean is none other than Sarah, who you’ll remember for her long blonde hair, sweet demeanor and one arm. I really like Sarah, but she talks about her arm a lot. I’m sure the producers are pushing her too, but it definitely seems like she’s got a lot of insecurities wrapped up in her disability, even though she tries to see it as a positive difference between her and the other women. This sounds awful, but every time she mentions her arm, all I can think about is Amber, Amy Poehler’s “Saturday Night Live” character who had one leg. “I’ve got one arm, a mad case of bed bugs, and a hot date jumping off the side of a building with ‘The Bachelor.’ Jealous?!”

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But the absolute best moment in the entire episode comes when Robyn, one of the Black bachelorettes, decides that it’s time to actually bring up the obvious with Sean: the women he’s dating are a lot more diverse than is typical for the show … but is he actually attracted to women of other races? It’s a bold question and one I’m glad she asked because it led to Sean pulling the curtain back a little on the whole casting process. I really got the sense that Sean was totally sincere about not having dating preferences when it comes to race. I’m not sure that he and Robyn have the heat that necessary for their relationship to go all the way, but I, for one, am so glad to have her on the show. And I’m really impressed with Sean both for being happy to answer Robyn’s question, but giving such a good answer as well. Hooray!

So, rose ceremony time: Sarah, Kacie B and Dez already have roses. The rose ceremony roses go to: AshLee and Lindsay first (who both didn’t get dates this week), and then Robyn, Jackie, Lesley, Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H., Tierra, Taryn, Daniella, and Amanda. Brooke and Diana are sent home. For the record, all of my final four predictions remain (though I’m starting to doubt some of my picks).