Kim Kardashian’s Baby Will Be Damned If It Doesn’t Upstage Duchess Kate’s Baby

  • Kim Kardashian’s baby and Kate Middleton’s baby are both due in July. Coincidence … ? [US Weekly]
  • The best day of Ryan Gosling’s life involved … knitting? [Socialite Life]
  • New Tegan and Sara music! Check out “I Was A Fool” right now. [PopBytes]
  • Lord have mercy on us all: Charlie Sheen is going to be a grandfather. [Stupid Celebrities]

  • A sitcom based on Jessica Simpson’s life is being developed by NBC. I wonder who’ll play the John Mayer role? Or the questionably straight Baptist preacher father? Or — oh Jesus — Nick Lachey? []
  • What’s the most inane thing you’ve ever thought about during sex? [Em & Lo]
  • Now on Broadway: hot shirtless guys! Oh, we like those … [BlackBook Mag]
  • On cheapskate regulars who waste a stripper’s time. [The Gloss]
  • Speaking of strippers, Dita Von Teese is going to make her singing debut with the UK band Monarch. [Stupid Celebrities]
  • Tips on how to give a great massage. [Ask Men]
  • Why is the media so fixated on “the end of courtship“? [Nerve]
  • Ten quotes to help you deal with being rejected. [Gurl]

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