Courtney Stodden Has A Sweet Tooth In Upcoming Music Video

I’ve got a taste for salty and sour; sugar is not really my thing. That’s especially true now that I’ve seen these photos from Courtney Stodden’s music video shoot for her song “Reality,” in which the once-underage bride (of “Lost”‘s Doug Hutchison) dons a jelly bean-covered bra. Sticky. According to Celebuzz — which has a lot more exclusive pics — Courtney’s video features the blonde tart grinding on a hot-bodied “nerd” type. Is this supposed to be a comment on the dynamic between her and Doug? “It’ll be pretty sexy, pretty hot — a lot of kissing, straddling,” she said. Clearly, Court is pushing artistic boundaries with this one. See one more pic after the jump! [Celebuzz]