Beauty Test Drive: Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow In “Violet Eyes”

I was playing with makeup at the Jane Iredale display the other day when I noticed a pretty purple eye shadow lurking behind the BB cream. I opened the tester and smeared a bit on the back of my hand, and lo and behold, it was the most perfect, shimmery lavender color I’d ever seen in my life. It was also $19, which is more than I usually spend on eye shadow. Still, the package claimed it was great for sensitive skin and eyes, and I’d heard rave reviews about Jane Iredale products, so I went for it. Read on to get the full scoop!

Price/Availability: $19, Jane Iredale (I bought mine at a local beauty store, but my friend told me that when you buy products directly from the Jane Iredale website, the person who does the packaging is apparently Rowan Atkinson’s character from “Love Actually,” because your order arrives with all kinds of lovely wrapping and ribbons and fresh cinnamon sticks and stuff).

Packaging: Simple circular compact with a transparent lid, which is really helpful when you’re rooting around for the correct shade in an overflowing box of makeup.

Formula: The gentle mineral formula really is great for sensitive skin and eyes. I’ve worn it for almost a full week now with no irritation of any kind, which is quite a feat since purple cosmetics almost always irritate my skin (I think I’m allergic/sensitive to the red dye that’s used in many makeup products). I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with the saturation of the color, though. When I put it on my eyelids, it appeared more muted than it had on the back of my hand at the store, and I had to apply a few layers to achieve the brighter shade I was after. I will say that even a light dusting of this shadow did wonders for highlighting my green eyes, and I’ve been getting a ton of compliments since I started wearing it. Was $19 worth it for the ego boost, even if the color wasn’t quite as perfect as I thought? I think so.

Wear Time: Depends on how intense you want the color–if you’re after a sheer wash, the color stays put pretty much all day, but if you’ve layered it on for a more saturated look, you’ll probably need to reapply at least once to maintain the intensity.

Overall: If you’re looking for a lovely lavender eye shadow that won’t irritate your skin or eyes, this product is a great bet. However, if you’re on a quest for a really rich purple color, I would advise you to keep searching–you’ll probably be able to find a brighter alternative for a lower price.

Rating: 3/5