Watching An Extremely Dramatic Scene From Lindsay Lohan’s “The Canyons”

Last week, the internet, nay, the world was riveted by The New York Times Magazine’s wildly entertaining and totally compelling behind-the-scenes look at Lindsay Lohan’s upcoming film “The Canyons.” Penned by Bret Easton Ellis and also starring porn star James Deen, “The Canyons” is clearly destined to be this year’s “Showgirls.” And now we have a clip to whet our appetites! In this scene — which I’ve decided to call “Oh No, Lindsay Lohan Can’t Find Her Cell Phone!” — Lindsay’s character Tara wakes up to find that her iPhone is missing and sets about finding it without waking up her sleeping, rage-filled boyfriend. Will she succeed?! Find out. (FYI, video is NSFW because of language.)