Tone Deaf NRA Releases New “Practice Range” App

Just weeks after the Newtown tragedy, and merely days after another shooting at a California high school, the fine folks of the National Rifle Association have decided that now is the perfect time to release a new mobile target practice app, aimed at helping gun owners to become more accurate shots. The app is packaged as an “information” tool, providing gun owners with safety tips (like “keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot”) and state-by-state gun law information. But the target practice portion of the program is on there, too. It looks a lot like any other first-person shooter video game — you know, one of the many things besides actual guns that the NRA blames for gun violence — except this one is put out by the National Rifle Association, and it’s ostensibly aimed at improving the skills of real-life shooters.

And the truly great thing about the app? It allows users to switch up between guns. So you may start out with an M16, but for just a $1, you can upgrade to an AK-47. So awesome — anybody with a smart phone can practice shooting an assault rifle.

And oh, the Target Practice app is recommended for shooters ages four and up. Sick. [Gizmodo]