The Beat Generation, Annotated

When I was 16, I was super into the Beat Generation, and writers like Jack Kerouac, Frank O’Hara and Allen Ginsberg. In 11th grade, I wrote a paper on Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Howl.” My English teacher did not know who Allen Ginsberg was, I shit you not, and I had to get special approval to write about him. Through a weird series of connections, I was able to interview Ginsberg’s good friend Patti Smith about him, and she told me one of his stand out qualities was that he wanted to document and record and remember. Ginsberg never got as fucked up as the rest of them because he was too busy cataloging what was going down. So that’s why it’s no surprise to me that recently unearthed photos of Ginsberg’s contain detailed annotations of who, what and where was happening. You can find a collection of them over at Flavorpill. They’re a neat little time capsule of a moment and a movement. [Flavorpill]