Military Continues To Address Sexual Assault Within The Armed Forces

  • A former soldier and military sexual assault survivor attended Friday’s U.S. Commission On Civil Rights meeting to address sexual assault in the armed forces. Jen McClendon  said she is “cautiously optimistic” that the military will address widespread internal failures which blame the victims and protect the rapists. Presently, onely eight percent of reported military sexual assaults result in convictions. [Raw Story, NBC News]
  • Frisky columnist Andrea Grimes on how officials in Texas are completely in denial about how blocking reproductive health access to low-income women won’t actually hurt low-income women. Maybe it’s opposite day in the whole state? [Reproductive Health Reality Check]
  • 50 Shades Of Grey is the subject of a course at American University. [The Daily Beast]
  • Meet the folks who are pushing for an LGBT History Museum in Washington, D.C. [Arts Journal]
  • Abortion provider Dr. Line Prine looks back on her medical career in advance of the 40th anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which effectively legalized abortion. [Women’s Media Center]
  • Meet New Mexico’s Latina governor Susana Martinez, who is making waves in the Republican party. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Meet Kyla McMullen, the first-ever black female computer science PhD at the University of Michigan. [The Grio]
  • Meet Summer Johns, teenaged girl golfer who is kicking all the boys’ asses. [Yahoo]
  • Why we should be talking about Jodie Foster’s coming out speech at last night’s Golden Globes … [Black Book Mag]
  • … even though she’s getting a mixed response from LGBTQ advocates for doing so. [ABC News]
  • On how personal finance gurus like Suze Orman target women and lead us further astray. [American Prospect]
  • On race, fashion, labels, and the pursuit of happiness. [Racialicious]


  • Columnist Julie Burchill, who writes for the UK’s Observer, attacked transgender folks in her column this weekend with comments like “bed-wetters in bad wigs” (what does that even mean?) and “dicks in chicks’ clothing.” [Guardian UK, Queerty]
  • New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on why global violence against women spans from Delhi to Steubenville. [New York Times]
  • India is attempting to address its rape culture following not one but two recent gang rapes of women by packs of men. [New York Times]
  • How long until the media loses interest on sexual violence against women in India? [TIME]
  • Rape is being used as a weapon of war in the conflict in Syria, according to a new report the International Rescue Committee. [Telegraph UK]
  • Seven women in Afghanistan explain what life is like now that the Taliban is not entirely in control. [Guardian UK]
  • Vogue Italia has hired Chinese model Fei Fei Sun as its first-ever Asian cover model. [People]

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