13 Things You Want To Tell Your Ex, But Never Will (Or Should)

Unless you’re one of the those people who actually enjoys staying friends with an ex, there’s probably a lot of things you’d really love to tell that person once the relationship is over. Whether you did the heart breaking or you’re the one who ended up having the broken heart, sometimes you just have a lot of things you’d really love to get off your chest. How could you not? Even the most amicable endings still have their share of drama and resentment.

While you may want to stand outside his or her house screaming out all the things they did to piss you off, or even staple fliers with his face and Valtrex dose all over the neighborhood, sometimes it’s best to take the high road and not do anything. Sure, you can think up an unpleasant, slow and painful demise for your ex if it helps, but what’s the point? Sometimes love dies, things fall apart and you have some choice comments to make.

But if you could, what are the things you’d just love to tell your ex? The type of one-liners that you know would cut him deep to the core? You know, all those things you’d like to say but never should.

Revenge is a sign of pain; so screaming some things into a pillow is your best bet. To quote Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink: ”I just want to let them know that they didn’t break me.” Read more…