Hopes And Dreams For Earth’s Twin Planet, KOI

Last week, NASA scientists predicted that they would discover Earth’s universal twin within a year. Well, they made good on that promise and way early. Wednesday, the Kepler telescope found KOI, short for Kepler Object Interest, a very promising candidate for Earth twindom. Not the name I would have chosen, but I’m not complaining. We have a twin!

There are some minor differences between Earth and KOI. (It’s more of a fraternal twin than an identical one.) While it has a sun that it orbits, far away enough to be fit for human life, it’s about 50 percent larger than Earth and circles its sun in about 242 days instead of 365. Yikes, that means you would age faster.

Whatever. I don’t care. Because life will be better on KOI. Obviously, I’ll be moving there as soon as it’s cleared for human habitation and I can figure out how to travel 4.3 Light Years away. I’ll worry about that when the time comes. For now, I dream about living in a different world. A world where Passion Pit music is piped from the clouds. And dogs can speak. And reality TV hasn’t been and never will be invented. And chocolate is considered the staple of a healthy diet and the government gives all the women tampons … for free! [Yahoo News]