Justin Timberlake Wants You To Know He’s Ready … For Something

This morning, I told you that Justin Timberlake hinted he would be making a very very very important announcement this afternoon. And he did. He posted this video to YouTube and to his personal website which, like, basically features him talking about people wondering when he’s going to put out a new album and then blah blah blah, something about the creative process, and then: “I’M READY.” For what? He doesn’t say. Instead we’re shown a clock counting down till sometime on Sunday (I’m sorry, I can’t figure out exactly when, I haven’t had lunch yet) when another announcement will be made. So, basically, Justin’s big announcement was that another big announcement will be made on Sunday, presumably about what he’s ready for. If it’s not a new album, and is instead something to do with his involvement in MySpace or another shitty rom-com or a finger in his butt, I will throw a fit. Just saying.