Behind The Scenes Of A Lindsay Lohan Movie

If you pay any attention to celeb gossip, you know that Lindsay Lohan, while marginally talented, is not getting much work these days, thanks, in part, to the high cost of insurance big movie studios must pay when hiring her for their films. Her history of arrest, drug issues, hospitalization, general tardiness and disrespect for everyone else she makes a movie with means she’s a pricey casting decision. But small budget films don’t bother with insurance, which is part of the reason why the makers of the upcoming “The Canyons” was willing to take the risk of hiring Lohan to play opposite porn star James Deen in the Bret Easton Ellis-penned film. But that doesn’t mean Lohan was on good behavior. 

The New York Times Magazine has an absolutely riveting story on the making of “The Canyons” and the various ways Lohan almost halted production forever. You’ll learn what the director had to do to get Lohan to come out of her dressing room to perform in the contractually obligated four-way sex scene, who Lohan thought should play the psychiatrist in the film and the definion of the Lady Gaga Flu. It’s a serious must read and I officially can’t wait for “The Canyons” to hit theaters. It will probably suck, but in the best way. [NY Times Magazine]