Well Played: Rachel Weisz Is A Field Of Winter Flowers

I’ve done a pretty good job of convincing myself that I bear a certain resemblance to universal girlcrush Rachel Weisz. Nobody aside from myself has ever suggested that to me, but we have similar (large) noses, so I kind of took that idea and ran with it. Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t see it. Anyway, she always looks so freakin’ elegant, like she’s from another era. A cooler era! This Bottega Veneta dress fits her perfectly, the rust color is super-flattering to her complexion, and she’s pulling off that generally awkward below-the-knee length so well. Which shouldn’t be surprising, because I am pretty sure Mrs. James Bond can pull off aaaaaanything. I know, I know, she’s an incredibly talented and successful actress in her own right, not just someone’s wife… but she’s also Mrs. James Bond.