True Story: A Millionaire Matchmaker Tried To Recruit Me Through LinkedIn

Above is an email I received via LinkedIn from a Millionaire Matchmaker recruiting site, not to be confused with Patti Stanger’s “Millionaire Matchmaker,” although they intentionally try to be confusing. “Ladies! Meet My Millionaires!” Where have I heard that before? Sounds familiar. Not to flatter myself — I’m sure this email went out to thousands of women — but how did they find me? It seems odd to recruit “beautiful women” seeking millionaires through LinkedIn, a professional website, where you have no idea whether a person is single or not. What if I was dating someone. I mean, I’m not, but WHAT IF?

My singleness aside, I don’t remotely fit the mold for millionaire arm candy. A quick look at my LinkedIn profile picture would reveal that I have curly hair, which, according to Patti Stanger, makes me ineligible to land a rich man. On their homepage, Model Quality Introductions describes their services:

Our team of matchmakers will introduce you to women who are 8s,9s, and 10s looking for serious relationships. Our registry is filled with women who possess beauty brains, warmth, sex appeal and, sweetness.

The women in their registry don’t have jobs? What bothers me about this is that all they ask of me to be considered are three pictures. Nothing about my personality, education, career accomplishments. Via a professional networking website! I’m offended. The only place this email belongs is in my SPAM folder.