The Ladies Of Manure 2013 Calendar Is A “Tasteful Synergy” Of Sexy Women And Poop

I don’t think it gets much more scatological than this.The 2013 Ladies of Manure Calendar is a “tasteful synergy” of sexy women and composting. It’s meant to support the Fertile Earth Foundation, which spreads the word about the eco-friendly practice of transforming your organic waste and “humanure” into “super rich black gold.” Put simply, it’s a $25 calendar filled with pictures of scantily-clad ladies getting their poop on. Either literally putting poop on their body, or sitting on the pot, or posing with toilet paper. They are serving sexy composting realness, as RuPaul would say.

But before you write them off as “crazy poop-loving hippies,” you might want to take calendar as an opportunity to rethink what you’re doing with your waste. (No thanks!) No one needs to sweep the forest. I didn’t come up with that line, the narrator of the promotional video for the calendar did, and I really liked it. I’ve included the video after the jump for your viewing pleasure. But for now, let’s look at Miss January taking a dump. Is this turning anyone on … to composting? [Gothamist]

Photo by Ben Thacker