Science Found A Way To Color Hair Using One Very Precious Metal

If money were no object, I would probably be covered in gold, Midas-style. Actually, much less like Midas and way more like this Indian man who had a shirt made for himself using $230,888 worth of solid gold. To attract a wife. As you do. I guess I’m not that materialistic, but I do like nice stuff, and what’s nicer than gold, am I right?

Soon, people who like gold as much as I do will be able to put it somewhere it’s never been before (sorry, gold-plated dildos have been a thing for a while): in their hair! And not even like just an accessory; it will actually go in the hair itself. And not only will it be a testament to how filthy rich you are, it will also turn your white hair dark brown, for good, or at least until it grows out. That’s what science says!

Philippe Walter and his white-coated colleagues are exploring the use of gold nanoparticles to dye human hair, inspired by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who used another metal to color their hair. That metal is called lead, so I think these gold nanoparticles are probably a huge improvement on Cleopatra’s old recipe. Anyway, here is what happened: Walter and his team soaked white hairs in a solution of a gold compound. The hairs turned yellow first, then they darkened to a deep brown. The scientists confirmed that the particles were actually forming inside the central cortex of the hairs, unlike dye, with the color staying true even after repeated washings. So! Perhaps one day, in the future, wealthy towheads will be able to dye their hair permanently brown using this method. In simpler terms, science is currently working to create the ultimate status symbol, and the Real Housewives of 2050 will be rocking the hell out of this look.

As for me? I would probably be way more into just having gold for hair. I would even take a gold wig. [io9]

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