Roberto Cavalli Gives Karl Lagerfeld A Run For His Money In The Most Quotable Designer Stakes

There are some fashion designers who have managed to attain celebrity status based on their individual personas in conjunction with their brand. Exhibit A: Karl Lagerfeld, the kooky, perpetually politically incorrect, semi-unintentionally hilarious Chanel designer and cat owner for whom I have set a Google Alert. But for every Karl Lagerfeld there’s 20 big-time designers who prefer to fly under the radar in varying degrees — some simply maintain a low profile while others don’t claim much of a profile at all (seriously, who is Martin Margiela and what does he look like?). And then there’s Roberto Cavalli. I had no idea just how eccentric the Italian designer was, but if the clothes say anything about the man, his unrepentantly outlandish collections and penchant for all things wild should have clued me in long ago.

Leave it to Harper’s Bazaar to profile Cavalli in their glorious “24 Hours with…” segment, which has me all but convinced that he would make the best crazy grandpa of all time. After the jump, a bit of insight into Cavalli’s average day… but I highly recommend reading the entire piece. You won’t regret it. [Fashionista]

I never, never wear pajamas in my life. I always feel I cannot sleep when I am dressed. I have to be naked. I am like Marilyn Monroe: She said five drops of Chanel No. 5; I tell you 10 drops of Roberto Cavalli fragrance. I’ll tell you something else. A few times in my life when I went to the hospital for some reason, very silly, it was complicated for me, because they asked me to wear pajamas.

When I wake up, my German shepherd, Lupo, jumps on the bed and starts to kiss me. He is a fantastic son.

I used to have a small tiger and a monkey but not anymore. The monkey was mean.

I don’t go to work naked. I go to work all the time in my jeans.

Today I am in Australia going to the Victoria Derby in Melbourne, where the guests will be Prince Charles and Camilla, and Nicole Kidman will be there, and, of course, Roberto Cavalli! I like to travel. I went to Papua New Guinea a couple of years ago and met one of the last cannibal tribes existing on the planet. Very exciting!

I enjoy many forms of transportation. I love my boat. The hull’s paint has a wonderful ever-changing color, obtained with special paint that I also used to paint my helicopter.

I go to sleep very late. It’s very late because I have my Roberto Cavalli blog. I spend every night writing on it.

When I go to bed, oh, my God, it is very private. It is very private because there are a lot of fantasies.