Do Not Want: No Sir, I Will Not Cosign On Your Meggings

Meggings. We’ve written about them before, but I felt the need to dredge up the awful man-leggings trend, because I’ve just received an email from meggings proponents B-Skinz, showing me the lastest and greatest in meggings technology: Behold these fugly-ass rainbow meggings

Or, okay, as they’re technically called “psychedelic jungle meggings.” According to B-Skinz, “Our meggings are fashionable, bold and hip — perfect for any man who wants to make a statement with his style. They can be dressed up for a night on the town or walking through Central Park, and are comfortable enough to wear to the gym.”

A walk through Central Park. But judging through the meggings photo available on the site, the only thing these things are good for is embarrassingly wearing them in your mom’s den. [B-Skinz]