Amy Bessey Tried To Murder Hubby, Had “Unnatural” Relationship With Son

Whoa, boy. A woman in Las Vegas, Nevada, was arrested for placing a hit on her husband and charged with plotting his attempted drive-by murder. Amy Bessey allegedly contracted her 21-year-old adopted son, Michael Bessey, and a friend, Richard Pearson, to carry out the attack on Roger Bessey, but their attempt was foiled.

But here’s where things get REALLY weird.

Apparently Amy and her step-son Michael had what police termed as an “unnatural” relationship (ooooh, incest taboo!). One witness claimed that the pair would often go out to nightclubs together, and would “grab each other’s buttocks.”

After the crime went south — Roger survived and was able to identify the car the shooters used — Amy allegedly said to her sister-in-law, “That’s what happens when you send a boy to do [a] woman’s work.” Amy allegedly also previously offered her son’s ex-girlfriend $50,000 to poison her husband. Man, she must’ve really wanted him dead.

Here’s hoping this becomes a Lifestime Movie Network movie of the week (starring Kirstie Alley, of course). [Huffington Post]