What Was Your Best Travel Experience Of 2012?

I’m in the process of plotting out my travel schedule for the new year (if I don’t have at least one trip in the works, I feel aimless and empty), and between all the travel porn viewing and frantic airfare price-checking, I’ve also been reminiscing about the trips I took over the last year. When I think back on the best travel moments, it’s definitely a toss-up between swimming with sea turtles in Maui (and learning a few life lessons in the process), and dancing to an amazing bluegrass jam band in a dive bar in Nashville: two very different experiences that I’ll never forget. After the jump, check out the highlights from other Frisky staffers’ 2012 travels,and please share your own in the comments! Did you take any major trips this past year? What experience stands out the most? Do you have any travel goals for 2013? We want to hear about it!

“I’d been to Tulum before and loved it, but this year I went back with absolutely no plans and no travel companions. There was a tiny part of me that worried I would get lonely or bored sitting out on the beach all by myself for a week, but it was quite the opposite. I loved not having anyone to answer to for what I wanted to do — which was generally nothing but laying on the beach, swimming, reading, eating tacos and drinking beer. It was relaxing and contemplative and empowering to spend so much time alone and in such an incredibly blissful setting.” – Amelia

“My Paris trip and 28-hour jaunt to London were just what I needed. The highlights were not having a cell phone the entire time and eating like a motherfucker.” – Ami

“Going to Morocco was by far one of the most exotic experiences I’ve ever had. Definitely intense, but wildly beautiful, too.” – Julie