Love It Or Leave It: Kerry Washington’s Checkered Cream Dress?

Have you guys seen “Django Unchained”? I’m kind of embarrassed that I haven’t yet, but it just requires, like, so much effort to actually plan it and go to the movie theatre, and spending $15 just to sit down and watch something always makes me feel weirdly cheated. I’m the type of person that will spend however much on clothes or makeup and then bitch about the price of a movie, which is actually a really terrible quality now that I think of it. I should address that.

Anyway, “Django Unchained”! Kerry Washington is in it. Here she is at the Berlin premiere in a checkered Louis Vuitton dress (from the same collection as the black and white playsuit Kristen Stewart wore back in October), which she accessorized with a white bow headband and white pumps. Something about the way the dress falls has an “Alice in Wonderland” disproportional effect, like she could either be very large or very small, which is only magnified by the girly (indeed, very Alice-esque) headwear and tiny rectangular clutch. That said, I think I love it. It’s weird and sort of mod, and I am certainly not opposed to “Wonderland” chic. Are you feeling it, or is it a little too artsy for your taste?

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