Meet The Cast Of “The Joe Schmo Show”!

We’re suckers for a reality show, as you may have noticed, and it doesn’t take much convincing to get us to clear space in our DVR schedule for a new one. This time around, we’ve saved a coveted spot for Spike’s “The Joe Schmo Show,” about an unsuspecting regular dude who’s been put in a house with a bunch of actors and comedians (playing typical reality TV archetypes) who are pretending to be his competition for a coveted prize (this time it’s $100K and a job as a bounty hunter). Really, viewers are watching to see whether Joe figures out that he’s the only one not following a script.

To prepare you for the strange and unpredictable world of the televised and totally scripted bounty hunter competition — we’re here to break down the cast.

Let’s take a look at some of the zany characters from “The Joe Schmo Show”…

Allen (Rob Belushi) is everybody’s best bud.   He’s the bro who’s there whenever you need him – and even when you don’t.

Chico (Lombardo Boyar) is an ex-con who is trying to get his life sorted out by becoming a fully licensed bounty hunter.  While doing hard time, he found religion, and sees chasing down the wanted as his true mission in life.

Chloe (Chelsey Crisp) is an up-and-coming model who is trying to become a worldwide brand – so what better way to do it then via a reality show about bounty hunters?

Lorenzo Lamas (as himself) is the classic cautionary tale for Hollywood stars.  With four ex-wives, and six kids, Lamas looks at this reality show as a chance for him to find a new career. He needs the money. Just ask his ex-wives.

Karlee (Joanna Newman) is an intense competition who’s out to prove that a hearing impaired chick can kick ass loud and clear in reality TV competitions.

Stan (Fred Cross) has his hands full as Karlee’s interpreter – especially since he’s madly in love with his client.

Lavernius (Segun Oduolowu) is a bold and intense man with a big secret. The more physical the challenge, the more likely he will stomp you onto the D-List.

Randy (Michael Weaver), a self-proclaimed a-hole, is the obnoxious straw that stirs the drink.

This post is sponsored by “The Joe Schmo Show,” airing Tuesdays, beginning January 8, 10/c, only on Spike.