I Always Wanted To Ask: The Frisky & Madame Noire Discuss Interracial Dating In A New Video Series

About a month ago, I received an interesting proposition from a fellow editor at a women’s website called Madame Noire. Would The Frisky staff like to participate in an exchange where the editors of Madame Noire (all Black women) would ask us he questions they’d always wanted to ask white women, and vice versa. (The idea came from a similar exchange on the site VerySmartBrothas.com.) All of us were immediately psyched for the opportunity to talk honestly about race, a subject that is often rife with discomfort, and to see what we could learn from each other as a result. What originally was going to be a written post evolved into a video shoot, which went on way longer than any of us planned because we could not stop talking, and as result, we have the first in a multi-part series of episodes called “I Always Wanted To Ask…” This first episode focuses specifically on interracial dating. Before you watch, get to know the awesome women from Madame Noire, Brande, Veronica and Victoria, after the jump — and be sure to check out their site! We look forward to hearing what you think so please share your thoughts in the comments!

Brande Victorian is the Deputy Editor for Madame Noire and a New Yorker by way  of  Ohio. She is a ratchet reality TV aficionado and trap music extraordinaire who can, thankfully, put away the ratchetry when necessary to carry on intellectual conversations about race, women, and culture, with only a mild side of ratch — and possibly a rap lyric.


Veronica Wells has been the associate editor at Madame Noire for two years after interning with the site once she graduated from the University of Missouri. A Libra from Indianapolis, Veronica enjoys singing loudly, watching [bootleg] movies on her computer and analyzing twerk team videos on YouTube. She’s also striving to become the best version of herself, meaning she rationalizes her love for the above mentioned twerk videos and bootleg movies.

Victoria Uwumarogie is the assistant editor for Madame Noire after starting with the site as a faithful reader and freelancer. She has been with this team of dynamic ladies for almost two years. Originally from the Chicago area, Victoria enjoys doing social media and writing for the site, reading, sleeping (she really, REALLY likes that), and getting to know New York a little better every day. She’s very excited to work with the ladies of The Frisky to hear their questions and thoughts on hot topics, and is eager to share her lovable ratchetness with them and the world.