A Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape & Cucumbers Cause Genital Baldness

Ami Angelowicz | January 8, 2013 - 5:20 pm
  • The Lohan family drama just gets worse. Allegedly, Lindsay Lohan is considering a $2.5 million offer to star in a masturbation porno. PLEASE DON’T! [PopBytes]
  • A sexologist weighs in on what’s “normal” for guys to fantasize about. Yes, it’s normal to fantasize about someone who isn’t your partner. [Ask Men]
  • You might be too old to be referring to the person you’re sleeping with as “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” Here are some other options. I prefer to use the term “swain.” [NYMag.com]
  • In my opinion, one of the sexiest musicians EVER, David Bowie, has released a new single. And it’s his birthday. I think I need to watch “Labyrinth” tonight to celebrate. [Evil Beet Gossip]
  • A missive about stripper feet and the men who pay to suck on them. I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. [The Gloss]
  • Here are some hot hockey players to ogle if you’re into that kind of thing. [Tres Sugar]
  • Bosses, here’s a case for hooking up with an employee if you’re brave enough to go there. [Uptown Magazine]
  • Yay! A fun quiz you can take to see how much you know about your own vagina. I hope you get a good grade. [Gurl]
  • Um, there’s a type of genetically modified cucumber that causes genital baldness. Where do I buy? That sounds much friendlier than waxing. [TruTV]
  • If you haven’t gotten lucky yet in 2013 and you’re looking to (cough, cough), here are tips to help make that happen. [Betty Confidential]
  • This woman found a way to turn her sex life into an exercise routine. Good for her! [NYMag.com]
  • There’s a hospital in China that has special sex rooms for couples who are trying to conceive. [Huffington Post]