Wildfox Couture Pays Tribute To “Clueless” In New Lookbook

Do you remember where you were the first time you saw Amy Heckerling’s seminal ’90s film “Clueless”? I was visiting my cousin in Honolulu and had just suffered extreme embarrassment during my first surfing attempt. We decided to take the edge off my shame by seeing “Clueless,” starring my then-style icon Alicia Silverstone, and it totally was just what the doctor ordered. “Clueless” must have had as much of an impact on Kimberly Gordon, the designer behind fashion line Wildfox Couture, because her latest lookbook is directly inspired by the film. Click through to see the models doing their best Cher, Dionne and Tai in various recreated scenes from the film. Classic! [I Love Wildfox]