Rachel Weisz On Playing Strong Characters

“I never really understand when people say that I like playing strong characters. I always find that a little weird because, I could be wrong, but I don’t think people ever say that to men. It’s like, well what should I play, a weak character? Does that mean that I can lift weights? I guess it means strong-minded, right? But it’s weird because people never say that about a male actor — Michael Fassbender or George Clooney, for example — that they love playing strong characters. It’s a weird gender thing.”

– Rachel Weisz (whose last name, for the life of me, I can never properly spell) brings up a good point about sexism in the ways we talk about male and female roles in Hollywood, even if the “strong women” comment is meant to be a compliment.

She’s right: no one ever commends an actor like Colin Firth when he plays a “strong” character, even though he has played characters with weaknesses as well, because a “strong” role for a male actor is considered the default.  [The Sun UK]