“Rodham,” Script About A Young Hillary Clinton, Has Been Penned

She’s just a young woman trying to decide between her handsome boyfriend and  burgeoning career … and she just happens to grow up to become Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Rodham” is a script currently flitting around Hollywood about the life of a young Hillary Rodham, who was serving on the House Judiciary Committee trying to impeach President Richard Nixon as her boyfriend Bill pressured her to move to Arkansas so he could get involved in local politics. (And, uh, skirts.)

The script hasn’t been written by a Gender Studies 101 student at Smith College — it was written by a 39-year-old ex-venture capitalist named Young Il Kim.

“[It’s] really a journey of a woman who was torn between her personal desires and her professional ambition — both literally pulled her thousands of miles apart, because Bill did not want to leave Arkansas, and she did not want to leave Washington, D.C.,” Kim told Politico. Onscreen Bill and Hillary will make out (!!!) in her apartment and she’ll even sing along to Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” while putting on makeup. You know, like the normal young woman she once was before the headbands and Monica and Whitewater and being “likeable enough.” Humanizing Hillary?!

We were tossing around ideas in The Frisky office of who should play a young Hillary — I’m gonna go with Ami’s suggestion of Greta Gerwig and I can kinda see Leonardo DiCaprio play a charming young Bill, if he affects a Southern drawl and his agent makes him eat nothing but McDonald’s for the next three months.

Let us know your casting suggestion in the comments.


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