More “Star Trek Into Darkness” Tidbits! Plus, Bigfoot Finally Captured?!

  • Woot! More “Star Trek Into Darkness” plot info has been revealed. Spoilers at the link, FYI. [The Mary Sue]
  • And here are a bunch more stills from the movie as well. []
  • Has Bigfoot been captured? A group called Quantra is claiming to have captured a Sasquatch they’ve named “Daisy.” How … delicate. [The FW]
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  • Planning on doing a little cosplay in 2013. Here’s how to attend a cosplay convention without acting like a total creeper. [The Mary Sue]
  • Wes Anderson is the latest director to express a lack of interest in directing “Star Wars VII,” saying his approach would probably be too “clever” for the franchise. [Next Movie]
  • Comedienne and author Julie Klausner interviews a guy before and after he watches “The Hobbit” … while tripping on ‘shrooms. []