Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Sales Skyrocket & Ultrasound Parties Are All The Rage

  • A surprising result of Kimye’s pregnancy announcement? Sales for Kim and ex-boyfriend Ray J’s sex tape have increased by 80 percent since Kanye spilled the news. I guess people want to see her “before” vagina? [The Stir]
  • Ultrasound parties are the latest overshare-y parenting trend I just can’t wrap my brain around. Hey everyone I know and love! Come over to watch a technician spread goop all over my belly and then display my fetus-in-the-womb on the big screen! There will be snacks! [The Stir]
  • And I have a new excuse to skip yoga tonight — apparently the “slightly fat” live longer. [Newser]
  • If you were considering getting involved in more recreational activities this year, perhaps you’d might like to consider joining one of these scary sex cults? [TruTV]
  • We’re written about a number of women who have put their virginity up for sale, but this might be the saddest motivation ever: Rebecca Bernardo needs the money to pay for her mom’s medical bills. [BlissTree]
  • When I was in middle school, before I actually got real braces, I used to bend a paperclip around my teeth to simulate the look. Now teenagers are actually able to buy fashion braces that they don’t actually need! [The Gloss]
  • You might be surprised to learn these 10 movies stars are on Twitter… [Next Movie]