The Key To Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! I’ve stopped making resolutions all together in attempt to lessen my feelings of shame. And stress. Now, I just spend the end of the year assessing and setting new goals. Kind of the same thing, I guess. But should you be wanting to make some hardcore resolutions this year, some research done at the University of Hertfordshire found that different strategies are more useful for men and women. Find out the BIG secret after the jump.

“Men were significantly more likely to succeed when asked to engage in either goal setting (e.g. instead of trying to lose weight in general, aiming to lose a pound each week) or focusing on the rewards associated with their goal (e.g. being more attractive to the opposite sex).

Women were more successful when they told their friends and family about their resolution or were encouraged to be especially resilient and not to give up because they had reverted to old habits (e.g. if dieting, treating a chocolate binge as a temporary setback rather than as a failure).”

Not that BIG of a secret, but useful information. So, men should focus on rewards (sex) and women, you should focus on your support system (friends) to keep on track with resolutions.

The researchers have a few more suggestions for all of us:

1. Make only one resolution.

2. Come up with a specific action plan.

3. Avoid previous resolutions.

4. Make sure your action plan fits your personality.

Basically, to sum up this study, make sure your heart is in it, do what you need to do to stay motivated and be realistic about what you can actually do. That makes it sound so simple. It never is. [Newsminer via Jezebel]