Frisky Q&A: New Band My Dick Replaces Popular Song Lyrics With “My Dick”

Move over, Beatles, because I think I found my new favorite band. Their name is My Dick. Their album? My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release: 23 spot-on covers of some of the greatest hits of the ‘70s–‘90s, with one twist: key words in the lyrics are replaced with “dick.” I spoke to the two artists behind this opus. Read on.

The Frisky: When did My Dick begin and how many members are there? [LOL … members! — Almie]

My Dick: My Dick was unofficially birthed on a hot summer night in 2004 during some intense porch-drinking. Meredith Brooks’ “Bitch” might have been the first song.

“What’s Up, My Dick?” was in there somewhere. There was much laughter, which is something we very much enjoy. It felt like “high art.” We didn’t make any recordings until 2007/2008. The record was finished a long time ago but we sat on it in order to focus on some other projects. This week it seemed like people could use a chuckle, so we finally posted it. The viral aspect took us off guard a bit. There are two of us, so far, Cool Hand, the main singer/inventor, and myself, Hand Solo, studio whiz, singer on the Enya track [“Orinoco Dick”]. We are considering adding a full band if we play out of town shows. More…members…..are always good?

It seems like each track is better than the rest. Did you record them in order?

No, it was a pretty random recording process. We ordered My Dick’s Double Full-Length Release to disperse maximum pleasure at all moments. There were quite a few which didn’t make the cut as well, including some favorites of mine, “Invisible Dick,” “Kokomo-Dick,” and “Cum On Feel My Dick.”

For me there are so many standout tracks. I like “Piano Dick” better than the original. But then you get to “What’s Up, My Dick?” and it’s like, how do you choose? Do you have a particular favorite? Is there one track that exceeded your expectations?

Thank you, and you’re correct about “Piano Dick.” I personally like “Imagine Dick” because Cool Hand’s vocal impression [of John Lennon] is so good, and I like taking the piss out of songs people find sacred. We’re both ‘Paul People’ so pissing off ‘John People’ is always kind of funny. We love John too, but people take that one song a little seriously. “Harden My Dick” is a good one. “The Way My Dick Is” is kind of bananas. I don’t know what Cool Hand’s favorites are, and he’s hiding in Idaho until this all ‘blows over.’

Are you planning to play live shows? Maybe even tour?

My Dick has a lot of offers this week for shows/parties, so we’re considering it. NYC in the Spring or Summer, at least. We’ve been touring in other bands for A Number Of Years, so it’s not something we’re necessarily dying to go do, but it could be fun. A secret of ours is that we’re old, bordering on ancient, so we would need lots of Botox/painkillers/champagne. Our doctors are terrific though, so we feel this is possible. We’re also working on a screenplay, as we’d love to get a My Dick thriller/road movie out of all of this. That is not a joke. I think.

What has the reception been like? Have you heard from any of the original artists?

This week has been absolutely nuts. We’re very proud of My Dick for bringing so much warmth and satisfaction to so, so many. We’ve made a few ‘Best of 2012′ lists which is bonkers, although we believe it is the best record ever made, so that is gratifying too. We’ve actually made some pretty good dough from donations, too, which was a surprise.

What’s your creative process? How did you choose which songs to dickify?

Well, we wanted to make the final-ever album, an album that would make creating new additional albums a useless endeavor for all other artists. We thought we would make, essentially, the last album ever needed by humanity (unless we decided to make another one, I suppose). We failed, but our intentions were noble. Originally we went after songs that came off as self-important (“Luka,” “Fast Car”) but after a few of those we decided it was too mean/easy and we needed to go after a few of our own sacred cows to have some balance. We love Hall and Oates and Genesis, so those ones were challenging (the original mandate being to only Dick-ify songs which kind of deserved it). The ’90s in general seem like a target we keep coming back to. Also, we’re from Boston, which is probably why the record has such a hard-edged sound to it.

You have an endless supply of money and nowhere to be in the morning. What does My Dick do for a fun, epic night?

My Dick goes to Montreal, London, or maybe L.A. and we bring a newly-refurbished Concorde full of our friends and Phil Collins. My Dick likes champagne and laughing. We go to the places that will provide My Dick the most laughing and champagne (and Phil Collins). Cool Hand would probably like an excuse to visit/tour some Canadian sports arenas, so we’d probably try to make time for that too.

Listen to or download My Dick’s album here.