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Gabby Douglas Was Told To Get A Nose Job
Courtney Stodden Is Old Enough To Do Real Porn & Squeezing Boobs For A Cause
Harrod's In London Debuts Gender Neutral Toy Store
Bringing Dead People "Back To Life" Via Hologram Is Kinda Wrong
Must Haves: 10 Watches $150 And Under For Keeping Time In Style
RIP, Iconic Feminist Shulamith Firestone
Sexy Celebrity Boudoir Photos
Awesome Customer Service Experience: MinkPink Rules
Facepalm Republican Tom Smith Assumes Women Are Talking About Shoes
The Soapbox: In Comedy Is "Fat & White" The New "Sassy & Black"?
Richest Lady In The World Says Poor People Need To Stop Having So Much Fun
Well Played: J. Lo's Stripey Style
Girl Talk: On Hearing Men Talk About Women's Bodies
Classic Stripes With Some Verve
Woman Arrested For Castrating A Guy With Her Bare Hands
Style 911: What Should The Daughter Of The Bride Wear?
Disney Characters Go Under The Knife For Barneys' Holiday Campaign
Tori Spelling Gives Birth To Baby Finn!
7 Types Of People You'll Meet While Canvassing For A Political Campaign
Will You Be Wearing Matching Lips And Nails This Fall?
People Twerking It At The RNC (NSFW)
Completely Offensive: Says "Lesbian Chic" Is The Next Big Thing
Style Stealer: Emma Roberts In Not-So-Basic Black
Clint Eastwood Talks To Empty Chair In Bizarro Speech At The Republican National Convention
No More GTL As MTV Cancels "Jersey Shore"
Today's Lady News: Reader Submission Edition
What's Your "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" Nickname?
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Punched Delivery Man Over Garlic Knots
John Galliano Sues The House Of Dior For $18.8 Million
Missing Woman Searches For Herself (In A Totally Non-Existential Way)
Makeup Bag: 5 Pre-Fall Beauty Must-Haves
Not Bad: Lindsay Lohan As '80s-Era Elizabeth Taylor
Dream Headline: Tanning Mom Appears At A Drag Show
Mariah Carey: The Twins Are "Growing Up So Fast"
Her 10 Best Looks: Cameron Diaz (Birthday Edition!)
Everything Barack Obama Said During Yesterday's Reddit AMA
Well Played: Kate Hudson Charms In Atelier Versace At Venice Film Festival
23 Stock Photo Models Whose Summer Was Better Than Yours
Flowers For The Etitor-In-Chef
Legitimate Rape: "Like Birth Control, Except As Imagined By Crazy People"
Dealbreaker: I Got The Runs
Paul Ryan's RNC Speech Flunks Fact Check
Tig Notaro On Dating With Breast Cancer
Last Night At The RNC: Mike Huckabee Invokes Bono And Implies President Obama Supports Infanticide!
The Soapbox: For F#$%'s Sake, Fat People Need To Go To The Doctor Too
An All-In-One Remedy To Brighten, Correct And Heal Your Skin
June's Forklift Foot Revealed On "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"
7 Grown-Up Versions Of Childhood Craft Projects
LeAnn Rimes Checks Herself Into 30-Day Clinic To Deal With "Anxiety And Stress"
Who Are The 10 Models With The Most Vogue Covers To Their Name?
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The Venice Film Festival, So Far
Finding Freedom: Artist Explores The Ocean In Underwater Wheelchair
Columbia University Freshman, 18, Jumps To Her Death From 14th Floor
Conservative Group Enlists Crazy-Eyes Lady For "Abortion Survival" Video
Unlikely Style Inspiration: Audrey In "Metropolitan"
John Travolta's Alleged Ex-Boyfriend Blabs About Their Sex Life
All Republican National Convention, All The Time!
Make Music With Old Spice's New Stud, Terry Crews
Randy Lee Tenley, The Man Killed In The Bigfoot Hoax, Incites Ethical Debate
Breaking "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" News: Baby Kaitlyn Was Born With An Extra Thumb
There Will Be A Doggie Fashion Show During NYFW
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Embellished Collars Under $100
Beauty Cues: Kate Hudson Makes A Romantic Return To The Red Carpet
Ann Romney Is Offered A Plum Role On "Modern Family"
Style Stealer: Anne Hathaway's Modern Cowgirl, PDA Not Included
First Baby Bump Photo Of Adele
If Your Boyfriend Hasn't Shipped Himself Through The Mail To You, It's Like He Doesn't Even Love You
Is Whitney Port's Purple Makeup So Wrong, Or So Wrong It's Right?
Celeb Street Style Spotlight: Blazers
Horrible Racism Of The Day: Black Camerawoman Mocked By RNC Attendees
Cocaine, Drugs Could Be Prince Harry's Vegas Party Bombshell
An Incomplete History Of Body Trends, According To "The New York Times"
Girl Talk: Why Snooping Makes You Crazy
Store Owners Name Boutique "Hitler," Claim Ignorance On Who He Actually Is
5 Things To Know About The First Night Of The Republican National Convention
Hitched: Shit White, Middle-Class Married People Do
Heidi Klum And Seal's Divorce Gets Ugly
Relax While You Clean
The 4 Most Interesting Moments From TLC's "Abby & Brittany" Premiere
Please Explain: Why Can't I Get A Tan?
Who Knew An Etch A Sketch Could Be So ... Erotic?
Tina Fey/Liz Lemon Snapped On "30 Rock" Set With A Baby
9 Actors Who Went Too Far For Roles
Putting A Spell On Your Ex Won't Help Get Him Back
Be My Boyfriend: Old School Will Ferrell, When He Wore Just White Undies And Swimming Goggles
On "The Mindy Project"'s Squicky Jokes About Race
DSW Launches Glass Slipper Collection For Wannabe Cinderellas
Who Should Play Anna Nicole Smith In The New Lifetime Movie About Her Life?
Where Will You Be When Ryan Lochte's Penis Pic Hits The Internet?
"BIC For Her" Pens Are A Product That Actually Exists
Lifetime Movies For Republicans Who Don’t Understand Rape
Honey, I Shrunk The Carly Rae Jepsen!
Well Played: Anne Heche Looks Totally Wonderful In White
Jil Sander Is Now Selling A Brown Paper Bag For $290, If That's Your Thing
Beauty Cues: The "Bachelorette" Girls Break It Down, Minus The Blow
Mmm, Crystal Meth Donuts...
Skeletal Style: A Scary Fashion Shoot Featuring Fierce Faux Face Tattoos
4 Reasons I Would Love To Drive You To The Airport
Doritos Taco Is Taco Bell's Biggest Hit Ever
Now You Can Literally Stalk Kate Middleton's Outfits Via iPhone App
"Bachelor Pad" Recap: T-I-T-I-L-L-A-T-I-N-G Confessions!
Girl Talk: How "Reality Bites" Completely Screwed Up My Perception Of Dating And Relationships
A Real-Life "Doogie Howser M.D." Goes On Trial
Britain's "Fat Slag" Earthwork: My, What Beautiful Hills You Have!
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Work-Appropriate Pencil Skirts For $50 Or Less
Tori Spelling Is Done Being A "Pregger"
Katy Perry Is Flame-Haired And Florence-Esque On The Cover Of L'Officiel
"Gallery Girls" Recap: Of Mice And Middle-Aged Men
Dating Don'ts: He's Not Your Ex
Light In Her Eyes
Brace Yourselves For A Possible Prince Harry Naked Partying Vegas Video!
Unlikely Style Inspiration: Nate Ruess From Fun.
TLC's "Strange Sex": Sex Furniture & Sleep Orgasms
Gabby Douglas Was "Isolated" At Gym, Called A "Slave"
Real Girls, Real Beauty: Pretty Pastel Hair
Heartbreak Made Emma Stone Puke
We Want To Go To There: Samoa's Epic Swimming Hole
Quiz: Boobs Or Butt? Guess The Type Of Celeb Cleavage!
Just A Video Of Alexander Skarsgård Being Gratuitously Hot For Calvin Klein
The Creepy Art Work Of Jeffrey Johnson, The Empire State Building Shooter
Republican Tom Smith Compares Rape To Sex Out Of Wedlock
Lady Gaga Is Apparently Recording Her New Album Naked
9 Most Useless Research Studies
August 27: What Are We Wearing Today?
Philly Girls (Always And Forever) Rule The World
No, Michelle Obama Topless On A Magazine Cover Is Not "Artsy"
New Mom Snooki Is Sleep-Deprived & Loving It!
Style Stealer: January Jones' Tuxedo Striped Situation
That's A Lot Of Look: Khloe Kardashian Odom Looks A Little Broken Down
NH Sheriff Candidate Would Use "Deadly Force" To Stop Abortions (Because That Makes Sense)
15 Models Without Makeup
No Sex For You: Togo Women Holding A Sex Strike
Undies For A Really Special Guy
See Over 50 Models When They Were Just Kids
Dealbreaker: He Asked Me To Pee On Him
Keep Calm And Harry On
"True Blood" Ends A Lackluster Season On An Orgasmic & Bloody High Note
The Soapbox: "Dr. Who" Has A Lady Problem
Get Nailed With Miss Pop -- Can You Handle It?
Skrillex -- Yes, Skrillex -- To Star In A Remake Of "The Crow"
Guy Talk: 5 Ways That Men Are Also Hopeless Romantics
How Maude Apatow Became A Twitter Celebrity By 14
Cheatin' Politician Mark Sanford Proposes To Mistress After Hiding In A Bathroom Stall
The Next Big Thing: 5 Things To Know About Actress Dreama Walker
Must Haves: 10 Marvelous Maxi Dresses For $55 Or Less
Yup, "American Horror Story" Season 2 Looks Pretty Freaky Already
8 Common Anxiety Dreams And What They Mean
Anna Faris And Chris Pratt Welcome A Baby Boy!
Home Is Where You Lay Your Jane Austen Doormat
Makeup Bag: 8 Essential Products For Holding On To Summer All Year Long
Pussy Riot: Two Members Of Feminist Punk Band Flee Russia, Fearing Arrest
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of August 27-September 2, 2012
Alanis Morissette: "I Actually Like The Paparazzi"
That's A Lot Of Look: Melody Ehsani's Crazy Reebok Collaboration
Salma Hayek Says Her Mexican Heritage Remarks Were "Lost In Translation"
Well Played: Kirsten Dunst At The "Bachelorette" Premiere
Beauty Test Drive: JK Jemma Kidd Primer
The Naked Face Project: I Went Without Makeup (But I Shouldn't Have To)
Must Haves: 7 Tiny Makeup Bags For Your Everyday Essentials
5 Kinda Weird Ways My OCD Manifests Itself
"Fashion Designer" Kanye West Gives Kim Kardashian A Full Clothing Makeover So She Can Be "More Of An Individual"
Style Stealer: Geri Haliwell Is Cute, Casual Spice
So, Yeah: Snooki Gave Birth To Baby Lorenzo, Is Officially A Mom
Introducing The Toilet Bike
21 Stars Without Makeup
Best Underwear Ad Ever Courtesy Of The French Olympic Swimming Team
RIP Jerry Nelson, "Muppet Show," "Sesame Street," "Fraggle Rock" Veteran
Squeal For These Pet Piggies On Instagram!
RIP: Neil Armstrong, First Man To Walk On The Moon, Dead At 82
Kirsten Dunst Shares Her Favorite Part Of The Strip Club Experience
Beauty Test Drive: The Body Shop BB Cream
Do You Make Excuses For The Person You're Dating?
Must Haves: 10 Perfect Metallic Pieces
Saturday Playlist: Songs That Helped Us Deal
Full-Frontal Nudity On TV Up 6,300 Percent
Style Stealer: Christina Hendricks Looks Chic In Chambray
Weekend Project: Whirled Yarn Lampshade
Evan Rachel Wood Says Miley Cyrus Has Lesbian Hair
That's A Lot Of Look: Ali Larter's All Striped Out
"Playgirl" Offers Prince Harry $1 Million To Pose
Breastfeeding Mom Banned From Maryland Gym
Political Prophylactics & Mr. Marcus Is The Porn Star Responsible For The Syphilis Outbreak
According To New AZ Law, Pregnancy Begins Two Weeks Before Conception
12 Self-Help Books That Actually Work
Teen Girl Escapes After Two Years Of Being Held Captive & Sexually Assaulted
Kim Kardashian Did A "Diana Ross-Inspired" Photoshoot
Must Haves: 9 Beautiful Beaded Tops
12 Conspiracy Theories About TV Shows
Walter White Makes A "Breaking Bad" Mentos Commercial
"Game Of Thrones" Gossip: Jon Snow & Ygritte The Wildling Are 'Shipping In Real Life!
Astrology 101: 10 Ways To Live The Virgo Lifestyle
This Is What Happens When You Mate Tyra Banks With A Nipple
I'm Coming Out ... As A "Pretty Little Liars" Fan
Girl Talk: I Had An Eating Disorder
More Prince Harry Naked Pics On The Way? Be Still, My Heart
Ask A Tattoo Artist: What You Should Know Before You Get An Anal Tattoo
Girl Talk: How Being A Control Freak Ruined My Life (And How I Learned To Let It Go)
Just The "Tiny Beautiful Things" You Need
Love It Or Leave It: Chloe Sevigny's Airport Look
Brown Bag It: 10 Weekday Lunches You'll Actually Want To Eat
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