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Evening Quickies: Courtney Stodden Is Filming A Reality Show
Taylor Swift Is Dating A Kennedy?
TV Station Staffed By Fully Veiled Women Launches In Egypt
Get It, Girls! Team USA Competes In The Women's Team Gymnastics Finals!
HAHAHA: Prankster Gets Pitbull Exiled To Alaska
Don't Miss It: Oxygen's New Show Has "All The Right Moves"
Style Stealer: Olivia Munn's Airport Chic
"Downton Abbey" Left The Manor For The Olympics
Essential Tips For Traveling As A Couple
Woman Leaks Half-Naked Pics Of U.S. Olympic Gymnast Danell Leyva (NSFW)
We're Off To See Gary Busey
Girl Talk: Redefining Vulnerability
NOFX's Fat Mike Talks His BDSM Lifestyle, Persecution For Being Kinky
Ryan Lochte Gets All "Jeah" In Your Face
Woman Goes Topless In New York City In The Name Of Freedom
Truly "Miss Advised": Julia Allison Gives A Second Date Blow Job, Gets Dumped
Olympic Gold Medalist Missy Franklin Described As A "Mean Girl"
Rosie Huntington-Whitely Looks Like An Alien On The Cover Of Elle
Dating Don'ts: Quit Trying So Hard (As Demonstrated By Two Contestants On Last Night's Episode Of "Bachelor Pad")
Put Your Pup's Fears To Rest With The Thundershirt!
Anna Wintour Helped Tavi Gevinson See The Sad Reality Of The Fashion World
The Philosophical Twitter Ramblings Of Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Are Amazing
WWE Announcer Cracks A Kobe Bryant Rape Joke
We Want To Go To There: Berlin's Festival Of Colors
The 7 Types Of Non-BFs
Learning More About Looners
A Chris Brown Record Review I Can Get Behind
18 Olympic Athletes Compete In The Battle Of The Bulge
Guess The Naked Celeb
Venn Diagram: Channing Tatum Vs. Kellan Lutz
Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders Did Not Have Sex, Other Director Claims
Hot Links: Are Sophia Bush & Topher Grace Dating? Plus, Anne Hathaway Raps!
Teen Girls Sue Over Sexual Exploitation
Kat Dennings And Christina Hendricks Are Cleavage Twins
Dominican Republic Does The Right Thing: Chemo For Pregnant Teen Girl With Cancer
Inclement Weather Turns People On
Style Stealer: Michelle Williams' Short And Sweet Look
Baby Panda Born At San Diego Zoo!
Olivia Munn Addresses That Long Ago Controversy About Her Being On "The Daily Show"
10 Completely Gratuitous Photos Of French Swim Babe Camille Lacourt
Choupette Flies In The Cockpit, Loves "Looking At The Sky"
"Small Town Security" Recap: The Land Of A Thousand Hoarding Dances
Man Attempts To Shoot Fireworks Out Of His Ass, Gets Injured
Advice Needed: How Do You Make The Transition From Friends To More Than Friends?
"Boys" Makes The Cast Of "Girls" Seem Incredibly Well-Adjusted
Did This German Dignitary Use A Nazi Salute At The Olympic Opening Ceremony?
The Soapbox: The Thing That Is Funny About Rape
The Independent Olympic Athletes Are The Cutest Olympic Athletes
Girl Talk: I Was The Victim Of An Internet Nanny Scam
Dating Olympics 2012: Which Country's Singles Win The Gold?
I Guess We Could Call This "Construction Site Chic"
Alcide Gets Down And Dirty On "True Blood"
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Items From Arden B. For $50 Or Less
You Really Need This Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker
Liberty Ross' Brother Says Rupert Sanders Has Been Cheating For Months
3 Grudges I Will Never Let Go Of
Gymnast Aly Raisman's Parents Are Amazing
"Call Me Lochte": Swimming's Golden Boy, Ryan Lochte, Gets The Carly Rae Jepsen Treatment
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of July 30-August 5, 2012
GIF Of The Day: Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders Up Against A Fence
Let's Ogle U.S. Swimmer Ryan Lochte As He Wins His First 2012 Olympic Gold Medal
Katie Holmes: Scientology's Worst Nightmare
Why Are Demi Moore's Daughters Refusing To Speak To Her?
The Soup Nazi Food Truck Has Free Soup For You!
Pole Dancing Champ Natasha Wang Skeptical Sport Can Vault Into 2016 Olympics
Robert Pattinson Is Going To Have A Talk With Rupert Sanders
Antoine Dodson Will Not Boycott Chick-fil-A, Would Travel To Get Married
Adorable Chris O'Dowd Promotes Tourism To Ireland Adorably
Slideshow: Bare Celebrity Feet, As Inspired by Kate Middleton
That's A Lot Of Look: Spain's Olympic Uniform
Style Stealer: Kate Bosworth's Date-Worthy Day Look
Take This British Slang Quiz!
Beauty Files: Bare-Faced Beauty
Target Debuts Wedding Registry Ad Starring Gay Couple
A Lobster Is Coming To Dinner And Not The Way You Think
Well Played: Whitney Port's Salon Style
Women Skydivers From Russia Break A World Record
Watch And Enjoy: "50 Shades Of Greyskull"
Darling, Don't You Just Love The Olympics?
4 Hot Olympic Power Couples
Saturday Playlist: Let's Go To The Beach, Bitch!
Must Haves: 12 Gorgeous Turquoise Pieces
Panty Power: How Pretty Underwear Can Boost Body Image
Beauty Cues: Get Rachel Weisz's Look On The Cover Of Marie Claire UK
Weekend Project: Cookie Dough Crispy Treats
Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson "Aren't Speaking"
Male Veterans Get Job Training, Female Veterans Get Knitting Class
Gloria Allred Will Rep The California Teacher Who Was Fired For Her Porn Past & Rules For Skype Sex
The 15 Best Nail Art Blogs
July 27: What Are We Wearing Today?
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Wants A Hawk At His 30th Birthday Party
30-Something Lady Bingo
Must Haves: 10 Beautiful Babydoll Dresses
Dane Cook Slammed For Joking About Colorado Theater Shooting
Today In Racism: YA Series "Save The Pearls" Employs Offensive Blackface And Bizarre Racist Stereotypes Plot
Rihanna's On A Boat!
The 24-Hour Evolution Of The Mariah Carey "American Idol" Nesting Self Meme
Take It From Jeremy Renner: Viagra And 10-Hour Flights Don't Mix
The Soapbox: Rapists Know The Answer Is "No"
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Will Spare You $200+ And A Lot Of Shame
This Is How Leopard Slugs Have Sex
Girl Talk: On Summer Clothes And Body Image
Tara Reid Is Still In Saint Tropez, Now Hanging With Jedward
Study: Brains See Men As People, Women As Body Parts
The 5 Stages Of "Robsten" Grief, As Illustrated By Twihards On Twitter
A Bracelet Fit For A Tetris Freak
Baby Harper Seven Scores A Kiss From Dad David Beckham
What's Your Relationship Status? There's A Movie For That!
10 Recipes For Summer Sangria We Want To Sip Right Now
Charlize Theron "Fuming" Over Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders' Cheating Scandal
"Hollywood Douchebag" Is Everything That's Wrong (And So Right) With L.A.
All The Famous People Who Went To Our High Schools
The Guinea Pig Olympics Are Almost As Riveting As The Real Thing
Kate Moss, Still Perfect After All These Years, Shills For Rag & Bone
7 Kegel Exercisers For The Lazy Vagina
JWoww Needs A Plastic Surgery/Tattooed Eyebrows Intervention, And Fast
Liberty Ross: 6 Things To Know About Rupert Sanders' Wife
Robert Pattinson Moves Out Amidst Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal
Australian Newspaper Asks If Swimmer Leisel Jones Is Too Fat
A Dramatic Reading Of Angry Internet Comments About Kristen Stewart's Cheating Scandal
July 26: What Are We Wearing Today?
Liberty Ross Revealed Marriage Problems With Rupert Sanders Weeks Before The Kristen Stewart Affair
Win This! A Beauty Gift Pack Worth More Than $100
The Numbers Are In: Who Holds The Highest Rank For The September Issue?
Total Hairspiration: The Best & Worst Celebrity Braids
Snooki Signs Books, Cuts Ribbon, Pretends To Eat A Sandwich
How To Laugh About Getting Flashed
Hear Me Out: 10 Reasons You Should Not Date A Dog Owner
Behold: 75 Years Of Manic Pixie Dream Girls
Liberty Ross, Wife Of Rupert Sanders, Uses Instagram To Express Her Displeasure With Kristen Stewart
The 15 Hottest Female Olympians
"SYTYCD": Our Favorite Performances From Last Night’s “So You Think You Can Dance”
Grocery Store Launches "Man Aisle" In Dopey Publicity Stunt
Man's Penis Stolen By Thieves
The Soapbox: In Defense Of Kristen Stewart
Sarah Palin's Succinct Explanation For Why Her Family Does Reality Shows
Cheap & Chic: This Nina Ricci Lace Dress For Less
Hitched: Should Cheaters 'Fess Up Or Take It To The Grave?
A Manicure With A Velvet Touch
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Arrested For Giving Cop Tacos
Style Stealer: Cate Blanchett's Slouchy Shorts And Mad Swagger
Twihards Overreact To Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal
MTV'S "House Of Style" Returns, Sort Of
Deviated Septums Run Rampant In Hollywood!
Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace On Transitioning While Married
Male Teacher Fired For Asking A Female Student To Stuff A Pie Down His Pants
Celeb Street Style: Stars In Stripes
Jennifer Aniston Could Look Her Best Ever If She Opted For Some Bangs
Some Of The Beautiful Baubles From LOFT's Fall Collection
Meet Our New Pinterest Style Editor!
"Snow White" Director Rupert Sanders Apologizes For Kristen Stewart Smooch
Doctors Must Inform Women Of Nonexistent Abortion-Suicide Link, Court Rules
Hot Links: Katherine Jackson Loses Guardianship Of Michael's Kids
July 25: What Are We Wearing Today?
That's A Lot Of Look: Gwen Stefani In Head-To-Toe Leopard
Comic Eddie Griffin Taunts Lesbian Couple During Stand Up, Gets Drink Thrown At Him
Style Stealer: Solange Stripes Out
Zoe Kazan On Writing And Starring In "Ruby Sparks" With Boyfriend Paul Dano
Nike Debuts Rainbow Pride Shoes And We're Obsessed
Should Heidi Klum Get Her "Responsible Mom" Card Revoked For Letting Her Girls Wear Lipstick?
Quiz: Guess What These Strange Vintage Beauty Products Were Used For
Some Things Just Deserve Better Names
Face-Off: January Jones Vs. Jessica Chastain In Battle Of The Bobs
The Soapbox: The Aurora Shooting & The Myth Of Men's Obligation To Be Heroes
Kristen Stewart Releases Statement Apologizing For Cheating On Robert Pattinson With Married Director
Ang Lee's "Life Of Pi" Trailer Is Here
Google Science Fair Winner Brittany Wenger Made A Neural Network That Can Diagnose Breast Cancer
5 Things Guys Need To Stop Doing If They Want To Have Better Luck Online
Kathleen Hanna Says We Should All Be More Like Beyoncé
Today In WTF: WSJ Columnist Wonders If Women Saved By Their Boyfriends In Aurora Were "Worthy Of The Sacrifice"
Guy Talk: Why You Never Heard From Me Again After Our Amazing First Date
Thirsty, Thirsty Hippos
Marmosets, Horse Hooves & More: All The Random Bits Of Trivia We Know
Even People Magazine Says Kristen Stewart Cheated On Robert Pattinson
We Want To Go To There: 5 Fabulous Girlfriend Getaways
Did Zooey Deschanel Get A Nose Job?
Carly Rae Jepsen Hacked, Possible Nude Pics Stolen
Astrology 101: 10 Ways To Live The Leo Lifestyle
Is This Messy-Haired Magazine Cover A Sign Of Sexier Things To Come For Katie?
Hotel Replaces Bedside Bibles With "50 Shades Of Grey"
15 Foods That Make Us Irrationally Angry
Meet Steven Tyler's Pocket Puppy!
Three Life Sentences For Man Who Killed Jennifer Hudson's Family
Hot Links: Avril Lavigne Cuddles With A Woman, Must Be Gay Now
Chicago Abortion Death Ruled Accidental
July 24: What Are We Wearing Today?
Why Are Feminists And Gay Rights Activists Boycotting Hyatt Hotels?
Teens Still Can't Seem To Get Enough Of The Black Eyeliner
9 Books By Inspiring Female Olympians On Age, Body Image, And More
Must Haves: 8 Totally Patriotic Olympics-Ready Pieces
Random Single Gal Recipe: Roasted Pork Tenderloin & Kale Salad
Company Tweets Baby Bottles Will Help "Reclaim Your Wife"
What's On Your Nightstand?
Is Your Date Too Good To Be True?
26 Olympic Sports We'd Excel At
Love It Or Leave It: Katy Perry's Nerd Girl Chic
Riveting Reads For Those With Wandering Brains And Short Attention Spans (Everyone?)
"Bachelor Pad": The 4 Moments You Missed On Last Night's Episode
The Prospective Future Of Lindsay Lohan Just Gets More And More Dismal
Kanye West Planning On Proposing To Kim Kardashian?
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