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UK Mayor Accidentally Dresses As A Penis For Olympic Parade
Feminism Is Dead, Declares Donatella Versace
Watch Pawdele's "Digging In The Deep"
Must Haves: 10 Summer Tanks Suitable For Work And Play
Life’s A Beach So Go Somewhere Else: 5 Cool Honeymoon Destinations
Style Stealer: Jordana Brewster's Pretty Pink And Orange Color Combo
Weekend Project: DIY Strawberry Foot Scrub
Shauna Sand Goes To The Medical Marijuana Store In Costume
Alec Baldwin's Texts Guests: Hey U G2G 2 My Wedding!
Shanghai Subways Blames Women For Sexual Harassment
This Week In Sex: Pictures From The Air Sex World Championships & Swedish Men Are Proud Of Their Chlamydia
June 29: What Are We Wearing Today?
Watch "StandUp In Stilettos" This Saturday!
Houston's $5 "Pole Tax" Rubs Strip Clubs The Wrong Way (Ha, Ha)
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: "The Amazing Spider-man" Premiere
Kim And Kanye Are One Couples Toilet Away From Becoming Fused Together Into One Being
Avril Lavigne Pivots Her Epic Quest Of Bad Decisions From Brody Jenner To Marilyn Manson
Who Should Katie Holmes Date/Tom Cruise Hire Next?
Tide Pods And Other Delish "Foods" We've Consumed As Kids!
And Adele Is Pregnant!
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Guys Gettin' Their Grill On
Please Make This Real: A Kickstarter For Khaleesi And Her Dragons
Breaking News: Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Are Divorcing
Who To Sleep With At A Wedding, In Order Of Best To Worst Idea
Channing Tatum Is A Pretty-ish Girl
Dora The Explorer, All Grown Up
Girl Talk: I'm A Nervous Nude
Yes, Wine Is On Your Diet
I'm Switching Laundry Detergents
12 Famous Women Who've Used Their Sexuality (To Get Ahead)
Lena Dunham Remembers Nora Ephron
Well Played: Jessica Alba's In The Pink
Miley Cyrus Might Already Be Secretly Married To Liam Hemsworth, Y'all
Nuns Should Be "Pistol Whipped," Says Radio Host
"Boys Gossip" And Other Relationship Advice From Judd Apatow
Makeup Bag: 9 Products To Put The Shine Back In (Or Prevent) Parched Summer Strands
Stuff I Buy On Gilt Groupe Keeps Breaking [UPDATED]
Quiz: Guess The Crazy Celeb Nail Art!
Adele's Ex Allegedly Left Her For Another Dude
French Tennis Player Says Men Deserve To Be Paid More Than Women
Woman Gives Birth Alone On The Subway At 1:30 A.M.
June 28: What Are We Wearing Today?
What's Happening To The Women Of Juarez?
Why Not Brand Your Spouse's Ring Finger To Keep Them From Cheating?
That's A Lot Of Look: Katy Perry Mall-Gothin' It At LAX
Style 911: All Your Wedding Fashion Questions, Answered!
Sexed-Up Science PSA Fails To Attract Potential Female Scientists
Are You Offended By This Big Gay Oreo?
Nora Ephron, The Original Ladyblogger
Get Ready For Erotic Breastfeeding On TLC's "Strange Sex"
Love It Or Leave It: Miley Cyrus's Racy Aussie Awards Look?
Frisky Q&A: Gymnast Shawn Johnson Discusses Her Retirement & Her Future Plans, Plus Shares Her (Gross!) Beauty Tips And Crush On Ryan Gosling
When Fox News And CNN Got The SCOTUS Health Care Ruling Wrong
Lykke Li Dares To Cover "Silver Springs" By Fleetwood Mac
Hitched: How To Be A Good Wedding Guest
The Most Uncomfortable Pants In The World
Ann Curry Says A Tearful Goodbye To "Today"
Astrology 101: The Best Pick-Up Lines For Each Sign
Ke$ha Tattoos The Word "Suck It" On Her Lip
Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare
Enter The "Katy Perry: Part Of Me" Sweepstakes!
14 Super Awkward Celebrity Kisses
The Final Frontier In Bath Accessories
How To Romance Your Technology Into Submission
Style Stealer: Jessica Alba's Peachy Keen Look
Terry Richardson Posts, Then Pulls, Provocative Lindsay Lohan Gun Pics
Victory For Baltimore "Crisis Pregnancy Centers"
Tiny Trendsetters: 10 Fashion Forward Celebrity Kids
June 27: What Are We Wearing Today?
When Bethenny Frankel Hung Out With Screech
Check Out Slate's Chart On The Atlantic's Guide To Womanhood
Wedding Dress Porn: 15 Amazing & Absurdly Expensive Wedding Gowns
10 Badass LGBTQ Characters From Television
That's A Lot Of Look: Gisele Bundchen On The Cover Of Vogue Brazil
Erica Jong Bops Arianna Huffington For Not Paying HuffPost Bloggers
The "The Hills" As Art
Sienna Miller Takes A Load Off
Why Tom Cruise Puts Bird Poop On His Face
Nora Ephron's Nora Ephroniest Movie Moments: From "Heartburn" To "You've Got Mail"
Love It Or Leave It: Blake Lively's Bright Red "Good Morning America" Suit?
Mary-Kate And Ashley Won't Stop Trying To Make Backpacks Luxe
A Thank You To Nora Ephron, For The Thing She Taught Me About Love
Be My Boyfriend: Man Who Used Farts As A Weapon
Channing Tatum's Dance Moves On "Today" Just Woke Me Up
Girl Talk: Pinterest Ruined My Wedding Planning
Blow Other Necklaces Out Of The Water
Watch Natalie Morales Do A Face Plant In Front Of Gymnastics Coach Bela Karolyi
Dating Don'ts: The 5-Minute Rule
Well Played: Elizabeth Banks And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Dress
Drake And Chris Brown Offered $1 Million Each To Fight In The Ring
5 Awkward Moments I've Had With My Cell Phone Provider
Be The Pizza Ninja You've Always Wanted To Be
Men Are More Inclined To Pay For Dinner If Their Date Is Pretty, Study Finds
6 Things To Look Forward To About "Magic Mike"
Fashion Models Without Makeup Make Life A Little Less Worth Living
Unlikely Style Inspiration: Bachelorette Parties
UPDATED: Nora Ephron Dead Of Cancer, Say Her Friends On The Internet
Kanye & Kim Sued For Terrorist Ties, Flag-Burning
Waitress Sues L.A. Bar Over Short Skirt Dress Code, Fans Blowing Up Skirt
Emma Stone Loves Science, Regrets Skipping College
June 26: What Are We Wearing Today?
Kim Kardashian & Her Glam Squad Show How To Get A Kim-Inspired Day Look
Angelina Jolie Takes Flight
Must Haves: 10 Awesome Animal Pendants
Amy Poehler Reveals What Makes Will Arnett Cry
Joe Manganiello Got Gold All Up In His Crevices
Summer Myths Debunked
Her 12 Best Looks: Fan BingBing
Rielle Hunter's Media Blitz Is The Most Awkward Thing Ever
Uggie Cements His Paws At Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Beauty 911: Help Me Find A Summer Foundation For My Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin!
Well Played: Katy Perry (!?) In Roses
MVPs Of Pride 2012
Megan Fox Debuts Her Bikini Baby Bump
Girl Talk: Why I Hate My Husband's Exes, With Zero Exceptions
Obese People Should Get Counseling, Panel Advises
An Open Letter To The Pigeon Who Pooped On My Head
The Soapbox: Why I Hate Weddings, Like Really Hate Them, A Lot
I Want To Go To There: The Lavender City
Well Played: Blake Lively In Zuhair Murad Couture
"Miss Advised" Is Even More Embarrassing In Episode 2
Jenny McCarthy & Her Loathsome Fishnet Gloves Cover 'Playboy'
The Thrill Of Bill (Murray)
How To Deal When Your Friend's Husband Hits On You
Singing Bride Is Clearly Onto Something
The Bad Google Chrome Boyfriend Gets A Response
How To Turn Your Pinterest Page Into An Online Store
Every Single "Magic Mike" GIF Worth Drooling Over (NSFW)
Wynonna Judd's New Husband Is Named Cactus; Are We Surprised He Brought A Gun To Their Wedding?
Etsy Spotlight: 10 Beautiful Bridal Hair Accessories For $50 Or Less
Healthy Eaters Go 'Kosher' Despite Evidence
See Paul Rudd At His Sexiest
Is This The Cutest Celebrity Baby Ever?
12 Things a Wife Should Never Say to Her Husband
10 Romantic Celebrity Marriage Proposals
7 Sex Positions That Will Blow His Mind
Do You Plan On Wearing That Out In Public?
Shakira Pregnant? Singer's Dad Hints She Might Be Knocked Up
Will Mississippi Become The First State Without An Abortion Clinic?
Willow Smith, 11, Too Young For A Tongue Piercing?
The "Jersey Shore" Cast Takes Off
Well Played: The World Is Victoria Beckham's Runway
Courtney Stodden Serves Up A Predictably Ridiculous Tennis Photo Shoot
The Awesome Women Of WIGS
Sandra Fluke Talks Sluts, Rush Limbaugh
The Most Insane Moment On This Morning's "Today Show": Things Will Grow On Kathie Lee's Face
U.S. Olympic Women's 100 Meter Sprint Team May Be Determined By Coin Toss
The Good, The Bad & The Totally Meh: The "Magic Mike" Premiere
We're Jealous: Tavi Gevinson Goes On Epic Road Trip With Urban Outfitters
Kate Upton, Wearing Actual Clothes, In Vogue Magazine
Must Haves: 10 Stylish Summer Dresses With Sleeves
The Obamas Talk About Their First Date
"True Blood" Should Be All Pam, All The Time
5 Methods For Surviving Your Younger Sibling’s Wedding When You’re Single
Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Motherhood
On Aaron Sorkin And "The Newsroom"'s Woman Problem
Some Creep Is Filming Videos Of Your Legs On The Subway And Posting Them On YouTube
Girl Talk: Planning My Lesbian Jewish Wedding
Dive Into This Beautiful Photograph
Ed Westwick Walked In The Philipp Plein Fashion Show
Jessica Simpson & 14 Others Celebs' Post-Baby Boobs
"Sterilization Team" Cleans Away Madonna's DNA
Do Not Want: Hula Skirt Swimsuit Coverup
Octomom Has A Boyfriend (And I'm Still Single)
8 Reasons To Show Your Online Dating Profile To Your Friends
Teaser: "Dexter" Is Totally Gonna Go There With Incest-y Plot
January Jones' Little Cutie Goes Shopping
Hair Dos: 5 Simple, Sexy Summer Hairstyles
Don't Be "The A**hole In The Relationship"
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of June 25-July 1, 2012
Caption This: A SpongeBob Glamour Shot
That's A Lot Of Look (And A Lot Of Love): Emma Stone's Spanish Premiere Look
The Gene Simmons Car Will Haunt Your Dreams
To Spur Creativity, Try A Noisy Café
Dutchess Kate Inspires British Women To Cover Up (Or Britain Is Just Cold?)
Etsy Spotlight: Irreverent Embroidery
What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You On A Date
What You Can Tell From A Woman's Strut
Style Stealer: Elettra Wiedemann Looking Fresh-Faced And Fabulous In NYC
Iris Apfel Thinks We (Young People) Are Doing It Wrong
8 Dumbest Extreme Weight Loss Methods
Do Not Want: See-Through Fedora
Flowers Really Can Make Love Bloom
The Daily Ovulation: Kindergarteners "Vogue" With Panache
Love It Or Leave It: Michelle Williams' Screening Style
Just Coco, Relaxing And Reading At The Beach
Geena Davis Believes We're Not Done Creating Gender Equality
Breast Cancer Survivor Fights To Swim Topless In Public Pool
Style Inspiration: Keira Knightley As Anna Karenina
All The Crazy Hats At Britain's Royal Ascot
Why We're Really Just Attracted To Ourselves
Style Stealer: Hilary Swank's Chic Dog-Walking Outfit
Weekend Project: Red Wine Fudgesicles
16 Examples Of Crazy Pop Culture-Inspired Nail Art
Kylie Minogue Eats Doritos Off Joe Manganiello's Stomach On "The Soup"
Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty Of 45 Of 48 Counts In Child Sex Abuse Trial
Ridiculous Beyoncé Bought Jay-Z $40 Million Learjet For Father's Day
Porno 'Boot Camp' Helps Teens Tackle Addiction
Dick Cheney's Lesbian Daughter Marries
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