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Maggie Gyllenhaal Talks Vibrators (Again)
Morning Quickies: Lady Gaga Dumps Taylor Kinney
10 Pairs Of Really Ugly, Super Expensive Designer Pants
Ashton Kutcher Stars In Offensive Ad For PopChips
Aerie Is Selling Bras As Shirts Now
Bizarre ESPN Scandal Involving Young, Female Gambling "Expert" Will Make Your Brain Explode
Flowchart: Which Fairy Tale Villainess Are You?
30 Sexy Celebs Strip Down & Get Naked In Print
Evening Quickies: How Much Is Jessica Simpson's New Baby Worth?
Today's Lady News: Afghan Teen Flees "Honor Killing"
Hot Links: NFL Legend Junior Seau Found Dead
May 2: What Are We Wearing Today?
"Harmless" Is A Christian Horror Film About Porn
How Young Barack Obama Wooed The Ladies, According To His Ex-GFs
Mother's Day Gift Guide: Creative Gifts For Artsy Fartsy Moms
Jersey Woman Arrested For Taking Her Daughter Tanning
Karl Lagerfeld's Hotel Redesign Will Include Greek God-Inspired Frescoes Of Baptiste Giabiconi
Mother's Day Style Inspiration Board: Lucille Bluth
10 Types Of Sex You Should Be Having
Do Not Want: A Very Special Special K Snack Bag
Justice Dept. To Investigate Handling Of Sexual Assaults At University Of Montana
Astrology 101: How To Spot Each Sign ... At The Park
"RuPaul's Drag Race" Star Willam Belli Talks Cunnilingus
NY State Senator Ruben Diaz Sensibly Invokes Hitler In Abortion Rights Debate
The Soapbox: On Jessica Simpson, Fat-Shaming & Reclaiming The Word "Fat"
Just A Picture Of Paul Rudd Sucking On A Penis
The 6 Types Of Attraction
Hitched: Let’s All Get Married! All Of Us!
5 Marriage Tips From Grandma And Grandpa
Mila Kunis On Rumors She's Dating Ashton Kutcher: "It's Absurd!"
10 '90s Anthems That Will Bust You Out Of Any Kind Of Funk
Kate Upton Doubles Down On Sexy Videos
Morning Quickies: Amanda Seyfried's "Lovelace" Poster Is Out
5 Silly Exaggerations & Untruths On My Online Dating Profile
New Beauty, Delivered Directly To Your Door
Can You Name This Famous Face?
To Keep People From Unfriending You On Facebook, Don't Be A Douche
Reader Call Out: Submit Your Favorite Recipe From Your Mama!
Evening Quickies: Whitney Cummings Gets Yet Another TV Show
Today's Lady News: OK Court Says "Personhood" For Fetuses Is Unconstitutional
Hot Links: Archie Arnett Is Already Hilarious!
May 1: What Are We Wearing Today?
Well Played: Allison Williams At The Hot Pink Party For Breast Cancer
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Tries Her Hand At Design With A New Lingerie Collection
Check Out Tracy Reese's Collection For Anthropologie
New "Dark Knight Rises" Clip Is One of the Best Trailers Ever Made
Man Claims Motorcycle Gave Him A Two-Year Erection, Sues BMW For Emotional Distress
Courtney Stodden Bares All
8 Stores That Instantly Make Me Feel Old, Fat, And Grumpy
The Luckiest Corgis In The World
That's A Lot Of Look: J. Lo In Hollywood Celebrating Her New Tour
"Interview With A Vampire" Cast: Then & Now!
The 4 Weirdest Places I've Ever Had Sex
Could Snail Cream Become The Next "Miracle Product"?
Tennessee Sex Ed Bill Warns Against Hand-Holding & Other "Gateway Sexual Activity" On The Road To Slutdom
11 Celebs Who Fancy Themselves Artists
How Dare A Strip Club Which Covers Strippers In Sushi Name Its VIP Room After Charlie Sheen!
Jessica Simpson Finally Gave Birth!
Quiz: Can You Name The Celebrity Camel Toe?
A Hungry, Hungry iPhone Case
My Doppleganger Julie Gerstenblatt Must Be Stopped
The Soapbox: In America, We Treat Our Moms Like Second-Class Citizens
Khloe Kardashian Gets A New TV Show Without Husband Lamar Odom
These Vagina Rings Look Like Large Gelatinous Slugs
Morning Quickies: Hillary Clinton Wants To Make Muppet Magic With Jason Segel
10 Surefire Ways To Deal With Anxiety
Teen Activist Asks Seventeen Magazine To Skip The Photoshop
What's Anderson Whispering In Meow's Ear?
12 Extra Special & Bizarrely Awesome Bras
Your Neon Nail Polish Is Totally Illegal, BTW
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Items From Mango For $50 Or Less
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