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Evening Quickies: It's A Girl For Maggie Gyllenhaal!
Patrick Dempsey Pulls Teen From Flipped Car
Today's Lady News: Judge Rules Texas Can't Withhold Funding From Planned Parenthood
The Good, The Bad & The Meh At The 2012 Comedy Awards
Beauty Test Drive: CoverGirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm
7 Awesome Items From -- Plus, Win A $500 Gift Card!
"Knocked Up" Sequel Proves Dysfunctional Couples Are Funnier
What Happens When Ex-Orthodox Jews Need To Learn How To Date?
Topshop Rips Off Independent Jewelry Designer
Be My Boyfriend: Batman Goatee Guy
Unlikely Style Inspiration: Liv Tyler In "Empire Records"
Jeans Really Do Look Good On Everyone
DJ Dominic Dieter Tells Father To Have Daughter Raped To Make Her Straight
10 Things I've Learned From Watching "Baggage" (Which Is A Real Show On GSN)
The Kama Sutra Of Sleeping For Couples
E! Announces A TV Show Based On "The Wizard Of Oz"
The Top 10 Lies Men Tell Women
How Guys Fake Orgasms Remains A Mystery
The Good, The Bad & The Totally Meh At The 2012 White House Correspondents' Dinner
Girl Talk: My First Date, At Age 33
Courtney Stodden Releases New Single "Reality"
Keeping Track Of Your To-Do List? Easy As Pie!
Nicki Minaj Says Asking Her Not To Cuss Is Sexist
The Top 10 Lies Women Tell Men
Kanye West Has A Wardrobe Malfunction
Morning Quickies: Kevin Jonas & Wife Land A Reality Show, "Married To Jonas"
Shopping Guide: Workout Clothes Cute Enough To Wear Outside The Gym
The "Girls" Girls Share Their Baggage
Do Not Want: Hula Grass Backpack
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of April 30-May 6, 2012
The Best Of President Obama's Speech At The White House Correspondents' Dinner
Travel Prostitution Is Here
A "Game Of Thrones" American Political Primer
That's A Lot Of Look: Julie Delpy At The Tribeca Film Festival
10 Dumb Celebrities Who, Surprisingly, Don't Have Sex Tapes
Style Stealer: Jessica Hart's Mini Dress And Trench
Researcher Claims He Has Found The G-Spot: "A Blue, Grape-Like Structure"
The 13 Most Worthless Majors
Prada Teams Up With The Artist Behind Paris Vs. New York For A Series Of GIFs
The Best Manscaping Ad Ever
Before They Were Famous: Guess The Future Hotties!
Pallas Kittens Don't Give A Damn
Heidi Klum Loses Luggage, Gains A Michael Kors
Crocheted Cookies Just Like Grandma Used To Make!
Carine Roitfeld Partners With M.A.C. To Create Her Own Twenty-Piece Collection
Un-Fun Relationship Games
Shopping Guide: 7 Skater Skirts For Spring
Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Pare & 18 Other Celebs Who Look Amazing Without Makeup
The Duchess Has Graduated
Starbucks Is Taking Beetle Juice Off The Menu
Weekend Project: Fabulous Floral Headband
Jennifer Love Hewitt Embarrassed Over Publicizing Adam Levine Crush
Rare New Photos Of Karl Lagerfeld (In A Mankini!) Revealed
Evening Quickies: Fan Rushes Demi Lovato Onstage At Paraguay Concert
Today's Lady News: Marine Women Headed To Frontlines
This Week In Sex: Mike And Ike's Ad Campaign Is Too Gay & A Woman Kills A Man By Squeezing His Balls
If You Can Prove Tim Tebow Is Not A Virgin, Will Give You $1 Million
Meet Daniel Suelo: The Man Who Gave Up Money
Hello There, Gracefully Falling Bear
April 27: What Are We Wearing Today?
The Cat Relaxation You Didn't Know You Needed
Flashback: Lindsay Lohan's 2006 Interview Cover As Elizabeth Taylor
Style Retrospective: Charlize Theron
Are You What You're Wearing? Psychologist Jen Baumgartner Thinks So
Naked Islamic Woman In Body Paint Veil Causes Controversy For Foreign Policy Magazine
14 Insanely Flexible Dudes
Ukraininan Women Will Steal Your Husbands, According To This Dutch Commercial
Not Even Pregnant, Engaged Snooki Can Make "Snooki & JWoww" Interesting
Kim Kardashian Puts Her Politics Hat On & Other WTF Guests Invited To The White House Correspondents Dinner
Textercuff: The Perfect Sex Toy For Text Addicts
Ke$ha Pops A Squat, Plus 6 Other Recent Embarrassing Celeb Tweets
An Open Letter To The Sexually Ambiguous Guy On The Subway
Apply Your Happy Face
Last Chance To Schtup Your Dead Wife's Corpse, Egyptian Dudes
Etsy Spotlight: 8 Pieces From Wanderlust Couture
Love It Or Leave It: Colored Denim For Men
Morning Quickies: Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Pregnant!
11 Things Your Hairdresser Really Wants You To Know
LARP Passions: An Online Dating Destination For Live Action Role Players
Guess What? Talking To Yourself Is Actually A Good Thing
14 Handmade Sex Toys You Can Get On Etsy (NSFW)
Don't Show-cha Your Chocha!
"Sexist" Brazilian Gym Ad Fails To Capture Our Outrage
How To Choose Your First Pair Of Fly Kicks
Is Kate Middleton Really a Style Icon?
Are These The Cutest Celebrity Kids Ever?
What Women Don't Know About Men
Katy Perry Kissing New Guy -- Who Is He?
15 Signs Your Guy Will Never Propose
'Luxury' Sex Toys For The Extremely Rich and Creepy
Evening Quickies: Cutest Baby In The World Offered Modeling Contract
11 Reasons Why Weddings Are Dumb
Today's Lady News: Teacher Claims She Was Fired From Catholic School For In-Vitro Fertilization
Naked Rider Gets A Ticket For Not Wearing A Helmet
April 26: What Are We Wearing Today?
Meet The New Face Of Maybelline, Pink-Haired Fashion Favorite Charlotte Free
British Docs Busted For Offering Female Circumcision (Which Is Illegal And Also Horrible)
Style Stealer: Emma Watson At The Tribeca Film Festival
"The Week The Women Went" Will Be Like A Very Dysfunctional "Wife Swap"
Vogue Scrubs Syria's First Lady From Its Website
12 Super Hot Photos Of Birthday Boy Channing Tatum
That's A Lot Of Look: Kimberly Cole At The Premiere Of "The Raven"
Frisky Dictionary: Sexenschadenfreude
TLC To Tour -- With Left Eye?
Style 911: "Help, I Need A Bridesmaid's Outfit -- In Brown!"
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's A Total Hipster Dude In His New Movie
Model Coco Rocha Slams Brazil's Elle Magazine For Half-Naked Photoshop Job
6 Ways To End A Sex Drought
"Empire Records" Cast -- Then & Now!
Bad Ideas: A Fragrance Reality TV Show
Learning The Hard Way: Woman Dies After Attempting To Live On "Sunlight Diet"
Girl Talk: Finding Body Acceptance At The Tattoo Parlor
The Sound Of Music
Tumblr Blog Of The Day: Bon Iver Erotic Stories
The Good, The Bad & The Meh: Chanel Artist Dinner
Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Building Sells For $9.8 Million
Morning Quickies: Britney Spears' Fiance Gets Conservatorship Of Her Affairs
Advice For Dudes: How To Get Over A Breakup
The Woman Who Singlehandedly Ruined Your Childhood, Revealed
Kylie Steger Was Not Amused By The Penis In Her Box
11 Animal Freaks Of Nature
Love It Or Leave It: Mila Kunis's Metallic Phillip Lim Shorts
20 Celebs Who've Dip-Dyed Or Streaked Their Hair
Evening Quickies: Brandy Opens Up About Teen Eating Disorder
Today's Lady News: On Taking Drugs While Pregnant
Calvin Klein's Former Boy-Toy Arrested On Various Charges
The Dumbest Things People Do When They Have A Crush
April 25: What Are We Wearing Today?
Girl Sent Home From Prom For Wearing Confederate Flag Dress
Planned Parenthood Believes It's The Target Of A Sting Operation By Anti-Choicers
The Good, The Bad & The Totally Meh: The Time 100 Gala
F**k, Biscuit & The Tourettes Hero (NSFW)
More Icky Details Of John Edwards Affair With Rielle Hunter Emerge In Court
Style Stealer: Jenna Fischer Is Pretty In Purple
Because I'm A Cliche: I Want To Go To The Cat Parade
Love It Or Leave It: Claire Danes In Narciso Rodriguez
A Guide To The Incredible Women On "Game Of Thrones"
Drew Barrymore Wades Into The Wine Biz
"Mad Men" Creator Sheds Light On Don Draper's S&M Sex Drive
Karmin Muppet Scats "Pumped Up Kicks"
Girl Talk: Why I'm Hot For Peter Dinklage
Beyonce Named People's "World's Most Beautiful Woman"
The Girl Accused Of "Yogurting" Obama Tells Her Side Of The Story
Hitched: I'm A Married Motherf**ker!
Footloose And Fancy Free
Think About Food Or Sex, Get Fat Or Laid
Tyra Banks Explains Shocking "America's Next Top Model" Firings
Enjoy This Ridiculous Vintage Victoria's Secret Catalog
The First High Fashion, Internet-Inspired Instagram Photoshoot, Brought To You By Nick Knight
Morning Quickies: Kardashians To Clog The News Cycle For Three More Years
Taco Bell Love That Lasts A Lifetime
President Obama Slow Jams The News With Jimmy Fallon
Mike "The Situation" Has A Girlfriend: All You Need To Know About Caitlin Wood
Brian McKnight Wants To Show You "How Your %$#@& Works (If You're Ready To Learn)"
9 Strange Celebrity Addictions
Evening Quickies: Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, Couple Of Six Months, Buy $2 Million House Together
7 Sex Positions Men Love
Today's Lady News: Celebs Support Lesbian Den Mother Ousted From Boy Scouts
April 24: What Are We Wearing Today?
Zac Efron's Love Scenes With Nicole Kidman Were The Highlight Of His Life
Not Your Children’s Fairy Tale: A Guide To The Mirror In “Snow White & The Huntsman”
Study Says The Left Side Of Your Face Looks A Lot Better
"The Girl Store" Campaign Sheds Light On India's Child Marriage Problem
Do Not Want: Emma Roberts' Excuse For An Outfit At Coachella
How Would You Use An X-Ray Vision App?
Sustainable Style: The Fine Folks Of Feral Childe
Michael Fassbender Goes Head-To-Head With Natalia Vodianova In A High Fashion Stand Off
Pizza, For Those Who Want It All
Approval Matrix: Rating The Men Of Manic Pixie Dream Girl Movies
Jennifer Lawrence In Talks To Star In "The Glass Castle"
Ann Romney On Working Moms: "Thank Goodness That We Value Those People"
Girl Talk: In Defense Of Peggy Olsen's Anonymous Hand Job
Carlton Banks From "Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Hosts Very Necessary Dance Party Flash Mob
5 Things To Know About Jack Gleeson, Who Plays Joffrey Baratheon On "Game Of Thrones"
First Time For Everything: Kissing A Girl
Tony Lucca Sings Britney Spears' Hit On "The Voice"
The World's Best Beach Chair
Edward Furlong Looks Like Leo From "Twin Peaks"
7 Real-Life Human Barbie Dolls
Women Choose Briefcases Over Babies Where Men Are Scarce
Awesome Time-Lapse Video: Birth To 12 Years In Just 3 Minutes
20 Facebook Friend Dealbreakers
Morning Quickies: Megan Fox Is Pregnant, Tabloid Claims
Check Out The Most Well-Dressed Protest Ever
3 Ways To Wear It: Printed Denim
Alex McCord Describes How Simon Van Kempen Came In His Pants When Their Son Was Born
6 Awesome J. Crew Pieces -- On eBay!
Evening Quickies: Kevin Federline's Aunt Penned An Erotic Novel About His Marriage To Britney
I'm A Feminist And I Love S&M
Today's Lady News: Mitt Romney Spokesman Furiously Deleting Sexist Tweets
Hot Links: Ian Somerhalder Has His Eye On "50 Shades Of Grey"
Well Played: Taylor Schilling At The UK Premiere Of "The Lucky One"
Be My Boyfriends: The Guys Who Stole A Penguin From Sea World
Demi Lovato: Club Promoters Gave Me Free Drugs
Ask A Stylist: How Do I Incorporate Spring Trends On A Budget?
Pamela Anderson: At 44, Should She Hang Up The Short Shorts?
Kate Middleton Freezes Her Princess Face With Bee Venom
One Direction Band Members May Have Gotten Chlamydia From A Koala
15 Top-Secret Celebrity Weddings
"She-Hulk" Lives: 24-Year-Old Boston Woman Catches Subway Perv
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