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Sex And The Sober Girl
Do Not Want: Muscle Leggings
New Brandy And Monica Duet "It All Belongs To Me" Is No "The Boy Is Mine"
5 Ridiculous Sex Myths Everyone Believes
Girl Talk: On Bridal Underwear
Hang Don Draper By The Neck
Miami Is Named Most Miserable City, Though People Who Are Cold Right Now Beg To Differ
Karen Handel Resigns From Susan G. Komen For The Cure
Lady Gaga Is Launching Social Networking Site For Little Monsters
Morning Quickies: Beyoncé Makes Her First Public Appearance Since Blue Ivy's Birth
5 Dangers Of Flirty Texting
Ladies, Give Him What He Wants This V-Day -- Your Butt
The Karl Lagerfeld Robot Manages To Say Something Offensive And Weird, Again!
5 Love Poems Inspired By Celebrity Couples
Evening Quickies: Brad Pitt Says Angelina Is Still "A Bad Girl," Plus, Paz De La Huerta Out At "Boardwalk Empire"
Today's Lady News: Komen For The Cure Insider Tells All About Planned Parenthood Tomfoolery
Hot Links: Jennifer Aniston Insists She Is Not Feuding With Brangelina
Craft Time: 5 Heart-Shaped DIYs
Republican Woman Report Better Sex, But Democrats Have More Of It
How To Get Bros To Watch "Downton Abbey": Put It On Spike TV
Valentine's Day Date Inspiration: French Dinner À Deux
Health Secrets I Learned From A Sex Toy Party
Former Teen Intern Mimi Alford Alleges Affair With JFK
Greedy Jerks Like These Are The Reason You Couldn't Buy Jason Wu For Target This Weekend
Dream On: 14 Unbelievable Onscreen Couples
Tony Lucca Auditions For "The Voice," Fellow Mouseketeer Christina Aguilera Does Not Remember Him
Unwind With A Glass Of Meterorito Space Wine
What You Don't Know About Fabric Care Symbols
Shopping Guide: 35 Shoes To Pump Up Your Winter Wardrobe!
What Are Your "Friend Categories"?
Ron Paul Says Abortion Is OK If It's An "Honest Rape"
Girl Talk: How I Stopped Hating Valentine's Day
Suspicious Spouses Use Soiled Undies To Expose Infidelity
Will A Muslim Modeling Agency Work?
Gisele Bundchen Defends Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Performance
Advice Wanted: I Am Kind Of "The Other Woman" -- Should I Tell?
The No-Pants Dance: The 2012 No Pants Subway Ride
Gap Launches New GapPure -- But Will It Sell?
Viola Davis Looks To The Oscars, I Mean, The Heavens
Fun With Photoshop: Madonna's Super Bowl Headgear Looks Good On Everyone
Dam Those Tea Bags!
Morning Quickies: M.I.A.'s Middle Finger Upstages Madonna At Super Bowl Halftime Show
15 Ways To Avoid Valentine’s Day This Year
"Saturday Night Live" Defends Lana Del Rey With Spoof
At Least Miley Cyrus Used A Condom
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of February 6-12, 2012
Alberta Ferretti Will Design A Capsule Collection For Macy's
Beware The Nympho Librarian!
Blake Lively Hopes Her Sons Are "Trannies"
Jason Wu Goes Guerrilla With His Latest Ad Campaign
The Top 10 Romantic Things To Do When Living Together
Makeup Bag: Nude Nails For All
I Was In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship
Shopping Guide: Heart Light City
Nerd Girl Porn: 13 Men In Skirts Show Us How It's Done
Guy Talk: On Drunken Logic
10 Football Films Both You And Your Guy Will Love
Beauty Test Drive: L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner
People Want To Tweet And Check Their Facebook Almost As Much As They Want To Eat And Have Sex
5 Things You Didn't Know About Jonathan Saunders, The New British Fashion Council/Vogue Fashion Fund Winner
Do Not Want: The Scuba Romper
Prada Goes For Gas Station Chic
Die Antwoord Tapped As The New Faces Of Alexander Wang
Man Adopts His Girlfriend As His Daughter
Just 42 Saint Bernards Hanging Out
8 Ways Pinterest Can Change Your Life
Shakespeare In Spray Paint And Other Literary Graffiti
The 3 Big Reasons You're Still Single
Shopping Guide: 10 Divine Pieces Of Druzy Jewelry
We Heart Japanese Designer Anrealage's Effervescent Charm
4 Reasons Why Madonna Is The Perfect Choice For The Super Bowl Half-Time Show
5 Insignificant Things That Determine Who You Have Sex With
Weekend Project: No Bake Nutella Cheesecakes
Are Whitney Houston And Ray J Back On?
What's Your Favorite Song Right Now?
16 Celebs Caught Making Funny Faces
Jenny Slate Shares The Inspiration Behind "Marcel The Shell"
Evening Quickies: Daniel Radcliffe Filmed "Harry Potter" Drunk
Today's Lady News: Lesbian Couple Fights St. Joseph's University Over Valentine's Day Contest
This Week In Sex: Prosthetic Balls Are Finally Here & Why It's Good To Have Sex With An Ex
Etsy Spotlight: 10 Cheeky Valentine's Day Cards
Good "Christian Girl" Miley Cyrus Schools Her Fans About Gay Marriage
This Week's Fashion By The Numbers
Was Demi Moore Partying With Miley Cyrus The Night Before Her Hospitalization?
February 3: What Are We Wearing Today?
Quevenzhané Wallis Doesn't Do "Subtle"
Adriana Lima Instructs Men The Ticket Into A Woman's Pants Is A Bouquet Of Flowers
Hair Dos: 5 Easy Tips For The Perfect Blowout
HIV/AIDS Ad Is So Clever, Yet So Tacky
Madonna Revisits High School In Her "Give Me All Your Luvin'" Music Video
The Frisky's Drugstore Beauty Picks
Kanye West Wants To Make A Movie In The Middle East
Our New Hero: Teen Madison Galluccio Asks NJ To Let Her Gay Dads Marry
6 Playlists For Every Relationship Stage
Susan G. Komen Gun Proves They Can't Reverse The Stigma They Created
Dear Prudence Advice Columnist Suggested Possibly-Date Raped Woman Is "Trying To Ruin Someone Else's Life"
Komen Reverses Decision On Defunding Planned Parenthood
Guy Talk: How Deleting My Facebook Profile Saved My Love Life
A Cutting Fashion Statement
This Woman Predicts The Future With Asparagus
Crystal Renn's Been Every Size -- So What?
The Best Wisdom From Best Actress Oscar Speeches
An Open Letter To My G-Spot
Time Warner Cable Is Determined To Sabotage My Goservention
Morning Quickies: Willow Smith Shaves Her Head
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: What Do Men Think About Valentine's Day?
A Totally Awkward '80s Ad For Coffee
Jamie Lynn Spears Was "Really Scared" To Ask For Birth Control Before She Got Pregnant
10 Books We Can't Believe Actually Exist
7 Easy Ways to Attract & Charm a Man
Amanda Knox 'Loves Italy' And Plans To Go Back
Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Her Hot Body
9 Things I Wish I Learned In Sex Ed
Heidi Klum Describes Her Eating Problem
The Best Ways To Wear Scarves
5 Most Common Relationship Fights & How to Avoid Them
Evening Quickies: Leslie Carter Died From Drug Overdose, Police Report Claims
Today's Lady News: Billionaire Bloomberg Will Donate Up To $250K To Planned Parenthood
Hot Links: Stupid Carrie Bradshow Quotes & Michelle Obama Demonstrates How She Gets Those Guns
Style Inspiration: Sherlock Holmes
One Hot Soda-Drinking, Coffee Date, Coming Right Up
Gwyneth Paltrow Says She's A Bad Feminist
Shopping Guide: 7 Stylish Plus-Size Blazers
The Kissenger Makes Virtual Kissing Seem Even Lamer Than We Imagined
Lana Del Rey Snags Vogue UK Cover
Rolling Stone Mouth-Shaped Urinals Called Sexist
This Means War: Tom Hardy Vs. Chris Pine
Meet James Deen, Porn's Hot Guy-Next-Door
Amanda Seyfried Only Gets Naked With Her Dog
First Time For Everything: Being A Dominatrix
Boobs! Get Your Mega-Boob Dress Here!
Movie Posters For "The Artist"'s Jean DuJardin's New Infidelity Film Cause Ruckus In France
35 Brutally Honest Reasons Women Say No To Sex
When Did You Know He Was The One?
Susan G. Komen For The Cure Web Site Was Hacked Last Night
"What's Your Nude?" Campaigns For More Brown Bras
Mind Of Man: Valentine's Day Is Not So Bad
Good For Gotye
Astro Guide 2012: Your February 2012 Gettin’ Lucky Dates!
Controversy Over French Elle's "Black Style" Article Drags On
Color You Happy: 5 Nearly-Free Ways To Spruce Up A Room With A Bit Of Color!
A Brief History Of Valentine's Day
Morning Quickies: Please Pray For Tom Brady In The Super Bowl, Wifey Gisele Bundchen Implores
Real Hair: 35 Gorgeous Girls With Great Short Haircuts
Making Room For Sizes 6-10 In The Modeling World
Tavi Lends Her Voice To A New Animated Short Film
12 Famous Ladies Who've Shacked Up With Average Joes
Evening Quickies: Newt Gingrich Wants To Schtup Angelina Jolie
Hot Links: Channing Tatum's Hottest Moments, Plus 3 Words Women Hate
Today's Lady News: 14-Year-Old Wants Gay Marriage Voted Down As A Birthday Present
February 1: What Are We Wearing Today?
Cute Animal Alert: Dog Works In Mysterious Ways
Feeling Very French Feline
Beauty How-To: Steal Dianna Agron's SAG Awards Beauty
6 Popular Fashion Trends (That Killed People)
There's A New Male Birth Control Option On The Horizon
How To Support Planned Parenthood In Light Of Susan G. Komen Halting Its Grants
Valentine's Day Date Inspiration: Romantic Dinner At Home
ZOMG, Octavia Spencer Wore Three Pairs Of Spanx To The SAG Awards!!!
SAG Awards Style Inspiration: Emma Stone's Embellished Ankle Straps
Caitlin Flanagan Addresses "Hysteria," Says Teen Girls "Need More Protection"
Rihanna Starts A Twitter War With The Devil
Apparently, Android Users Are The Sluttiest
Pfizer Recalls 1 Million Packs Of Faulty Birth Control
New Brazilian Blowout Labels Should Scare Us Into Loving Our Curly Hair
Girl Talk: I Love My Weight Gain
Sex Lessons From Spiders: 5 Benefits Of The Detachable Penis
Win This! Eco-Friendly Fashion And Beauty Boxes!
Hitched: What Does It Mean To Be A Wife?
Taming The Frizzies? It's Not A Myth!
Hide The Booze! Snooki Might Be Pregnant
Video: An Homage To McQueen In "RuPaul’s Drag Race" Premiere?
An Imagined Conversation With The Old Navy Email Mailing List
Morning Quickies: Demi Moore "Needed Reassurance All The Time"
Finally, The French Woman's Secret To Beautiful Skin
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Do You Worry About Being A "Toxic Bachelor"?
Harry Potter Prefers A Hairy Bush
Go Ahead, Drop Your Cellphone In The Toilet As Many Times As You Want
The 6 Most Amusing Kinds Of Porn (NSFW)
Nerd Girl Porn: 13 Hot Film Goths
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