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Evening Quickies: Lindsay Lohan Promises She's Sober
Today's Lady News: Women More Likely To Support Obama's Birth Control Decision
Target Pulls Totally Offensive Whitney Houston Greeting Card
February 29: What Are We Wearing Today?
This French Village Can Be Yours For Only Half A Mill
RIP Society: Lifetime Picks Up Bristol Palin's Reality Show
Shopping Guide: 10 Lovely Yellow Dresses
This Is What Coco's Ass Looks Like Upside Down
Carré Otis Gives Her Support To The Model Alliance
All Of Lindsay Lohan's Totally Not Terrible "SNL" Promos
7 Anti-Flirting Tips For Modern Women
Be My Boyfriend: Oetzi The Ancient Iceman
It's Leap Day, You Get A Pass!
Kerry Trebilcock Has Eaten 4,000 Sponges And 100 Bars Of Soap
Wendy Williams Says Viola Davis's Natural Hair Made Her Look Like A Man
Taylor Swift Covers Harper's Bazaar Australia
Quiz: Match The Frisky Staffer With The Screwed Up Childhood Game
Rush Limbaugh On Danica Patrick: "What Do You Expect Of A Woman Driver?"
Rachel Bilson Slut Shames The Slutty Dress Wearer
Girl Talk: The Ceremony
Crazy For Cat-cessories
First Listen: Susan Justice's Kanye/Kelly Clarkson Remix
Hair Dos: 6 Literary Heroine-Inspired Styles
Finally, We Hear From The Real Experts On Women's Health: Middle-Aged Men
Morning Quickies: Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Welcome A Baby Boy
5 Relationship Draw-Outs To Avoid
Is That A Keyboard In Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
How To Spoil Your Cabbage Patch Kids Rotten: Courtesy Of TLC's "My Crazy Obsession"
4 Life Lessons From An Ugly Duckling
Evening Quickies: Britney Spears' Sons Getting Jobs At McDonalds
Today's Lady News: More Birth Control Pills Recalled
Megan Fox Was Not Familiar With Husband's Acting Work, Still Got Butterflies When They Met
February 28: What Are We Wearing Today?
Be My Boyfriend: Melodica Man
The Connection Between Wealth And Wanton
Makeup Bag: Rose Gold Is No Longer Just For Jewelry
These "Girls" Trailers Hit A Little Too Close To Home
Fashion Musical Chairs: Who's In Charge Where Right Now
Natalie Portman Is Married & 13 Other Top-Secret Celebrity Weddings
Anne Hathaway And Lindsay Lohan Have A Lot In Common, Apparently?
"Downton Abbey"'s Lady Sybil Crawley Is A Jewelry Model Now
Women Rule When It Comes To Words
You Caption It: What's Happening Here?
The Soapbox: Why We Should Stop Snarking On Angelina Jolie's Thinness
Santigold And I Agree LMFAO Is The Worst
"Linsanity" & Our Squicky Relationship With Asian-American Male Sexuality
Girl Talk: Please Don't Invite Me To Your Pity Party
AnnaSophia Robb Snags The Lead In "The Carrie Diaries"
Hank For Senate: Cat Runs For Office In Virginia
Shopping Guide: 12 Totally Springy Accessories
A Countertop Laundromat
Morning Quickies: Did Miley Cyrus Have Sex Under A Table At An Oscars Party?
10 Totally Bangable Hot Royal Dudes
Oscar Style Inspiration: Pretty Peplums
13 Chest Hairstyles That Won't Get You Laid
Evening Quickies: Katy Perry's "Interview" Cover Channels Elizabeth Taylor And/Or Megan Fox
Today's Lady News: WA Pharmacies Don't Have To Sell Plan B, Judge Rules
Actress Sean Young Arrested For Allegedly Fighting With Guard During Post-Oscar Party
February 27: What Are We Wearing Today?
Jennifer Aniston On Adopting Her New Puppy Sophie
Director Aurora Guerrero Discusses The Making Of "Mosquita Y Mari"
....And Everyone Else Who Went To Vanity Fair's Oscar Party
This Carved Book Art Will Blow Your Mind
Rachel Maddow Often Discusses Vaginas On-Air
The Best Hair At The 2012 Academy Awards
A Brief History Of Angelina Jolie's Leg On The Red Carpet
"Gatonovela": All the Drama, Romance & Cats You Can Handle
First Time For Everything: A Televised First Kiss
The Top 10 WTF Moments At The 2012 Academy Awards
Viola Davis On Rocking Her Natural Hair
The Best Boobs At The 2012 Academy Awards
Here's "Mad Men" Official Season 5 Poster — But What Does It All Mean?
Love It Or Hate It: Gwyneth Paltrow's Tom Ford Column Dress & Cape?
Girl Talk: My Date Told Me To Wear More Makeup
Treat Yo Self To A Delicious Drink
Angelina Does The Double Leg
Astrology 101: The Bad Side Of Each Sign
Morning Quickies: Jean DuJardin Drops An F-Bomb (In French) During Oscar Speech
Love It Or Hate It: Stacy Keibler's Gold Marchesa Gown?
10 Movies Women Love And Why
7 Stars In Sequins At The 2012 Academy Awards
What To Do If You Have Your Period While Camping
10 Women In White At The 2012 Academy Awards
28 Starlets In Slits, Peplums, Bows & Color At The 2012 Academy Awards
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of February 27-March 5, 2012
Sacha Baron-Cohen Dumps Kim Jong Il's Ashes All Over Ryan Seacrest
"Brave" Is Going To Be Our Kind Of Disney Movie
Seth Rogen Blasts The Grammys, Chris Brown & Brett Ratner In Indie Spirit Awards' Monologue
9 Hot Dogs Inspired By The Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees
We Might Be A Wee Bit Excited Judy Blume's Book "Tiger Eyes" Is Finally A Movie
Etsy Spotlight: Eco-Friendly Etsy Shops
What Your Oscars' "Best Picture" Pick Says About You As A Dater
Her Best Looks: Dakota Fanning
Super Mario Brothers + Lana Del Rey = Awesome "Video Games" Parody
The Good, The Bad & The Meh At The 2012 Independent Spirit Awards
21 Lanky Ladies & Their Little Lads
"The Bachelor"'s Courtney Robertson Practices For Her Big Moment With Ben
Incredible Dude And Author Plan Amazing Surprise For Sick Friend
Kate Upton Takes Off Her Clothes, Channels Marilyn Monroe For Muse Magazine
Shopping Guide: 10 Beautiful Backless Dresses
The Good, The Bad & The Totally Meh At The Pre-Oscar Parties
Poll: Who Are You Rooting For At The Academy Awards?
Weekend Recipe: Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes
Week In Review: Totally Awesome, Totally Crap
Evening Quickies: Ezra Miller Disappointed By "Kevin" Oscar Snub
Today's Lady News: Indiana Politician Regrets Comments Associating The Girl Scouts With Planned Parenthood
This Week In Sex: The Woman With 38KKK Boobs Is Not Done Sizing Up!
February 24: What Are We Wearing Today?
This Week's Fashion By the Numbers
The Oscars Drinking Game
Sports Reporter Calls Danica Patrick A "Bitch"
I Have Fibroids
To Be More Creative Make Breakfast Backwards
Mayoral Candidate Gerardo Hernandez Gives A Great Excuse For Getting Caught With A Stripper
Girl Talk: Why I've Given Up On Online Dating
Kristin Chenoweth Gives A Shout Out To The Asian Community For Her "Slutty Eyes"
Woman Pretends She's Marrying Edward Cullen
The 20 Worst Fashion Don'ts At The Academy Awards
10 Things I Would Do If I Owned This Sheltie Dog Purse
John Edwards' Sex Tape Will Be Destroyed
The Soapbox: Facts About Rihanna And Other Abused Women
Drunk Monkeys Of The Caribbean
A Handy "Mad Men" Relationship Map
The 30 Best Oscar Dresses Of All Time
Four Cranky Kittens Waking Up
Morning Quickies: Rihanna & Chris Brown On "American Idol"?
20 Shameful Secret Single Girl Behaviors That We're Proud To Admit To
Like A Workout In A Jar
Lingerie-Inspired Dressing Made Easy
Kate Walsh Strips Down For Shape & Other Sexy Celebs Who Got Naked In Print
The Dumbest Things Guys Have Done For Sex
Fastest Way To A Girl's Heart: A Three-Piece Suit
You Won't Believe What Adele Just Said About Her Father
Sad New Details About Whitney Houston's Daughter Revealed
Man Arrested For Allegedly Cooking And Eating Cats
7 Signs You're Good In Bed
Do You Think These Supermodels Defied The Aging Process?
Evening Quickies: Did Chris Brown Steal An iPhone?
Today's Lady News: Virginia Kills "Fetal Personhood" Bill
Christina Aguilera Is Selling Her Kind Of Tacky $13.5 Million Home
February 23: What Are We Wearing Today?
Producer The Dream Defends Rihanna & Chris Brown's Collaboration
High/Low: 9 Affordable Takes On The Latest Designer Shoes
Just Knit It: Nike Debuts Seamlessly Knitted Running Shoe
Steven Meisel Creates Crazy, Trashy, Amazing GIFs For Vogue Italia
9 Guys Who Look Hotter With Long Hair
Pawnshops Accepting Wine As Collateral
Just A Kitten Making Biscuits On A Pug
Paris Hilton's New Song "Drunk Text" Is Worse Than You Thought
xoJane Blogger Defends ESPN Journalist Fired Over Racist Jeremy Lin Headline
Nicki Minaj Does Blue (Seafoam?) For Vogue
Zac Efron's Red Carpet Condom Kerfuffle
Campus Confidential: A Feminist Rushes A Sorority
Courtney From "The Bachelor" Plagiarizes Carrie On "Sex And The City"
Chart: The Lifecycle Of A New Haircut
Boobs On The Run(way): 19 NSFW Fashion Week Boobs
Girl Talk: My Husband And I Chose Our Own Last Name
Sweets For The Sweet (In Paris!)
Male Cheerleaders Making A Comeback
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Items Under $50 From ASOS
Morning Quickies: "National Enquirer" Allegedly Runs Whitney Houston Casket Photo On Cover
Kate Middleton Caught In The Middle Of Some Fur-Lined Drama
5 Tips For Meeting Guys Offline
Crowd At GOP Debate Boos Question About Birth Control
Dr. Maya Angelou's Advice To Her 15-Year-Old Self
The Soapbox: Why Can't Levi's Get A Clue With Their Advertising?
MAC x Marilyn Monroe, Coming Next Fall
More Amazing Hair From London Fashion Week
Evening Quickies: Adele Offered $1.6 Million To Promote Plus-Size Dating Web Site
February 22: What Are We Wearing Today?
Today's Lady News: Rick Santorum Used To Be Pro-Choice
And The Prize Goes To ... The Best Opposites Attract Stories!
Say It Isn't So: The Sartorialist Gives Reverence To Uggs
15 Celebrity Beauty Blunders
5 Bad Dating Habits To Give Up For Lent
Everything You Need To Know About Genderbread Sexuality
Santorum Nail Polish Actually Exists
15 Male Models Who Are Not Amused
The Pee-Wee Porn Spoof Is Coming (NSFW)
One Box Of "Roe Vs. Wafers," Please
That's Vaginal! 11 Animals That Look Like Ladyflowers
Contest Addict Reveals Her Winning Secrets
Poll: How Often Do You Shave Your Armpits?
Hero Of The Week: Georgia Rep. Yasmin Neal, Who Wants To Ban Vasectomies
Girl Talk: How My Friend's Crazy Boyfriend Made Me Hang Onto Mine
UPDATE: Virginia's Governor Backs Off "Transvaginal Ultrasound" Anti-Abortion Bill (And Even Meghan McCain Is Against It!)
Iris Frost's Ballsy London Fashion Week Dress
Hitched: Recurring Nightmares & Wedding Disasters
Lindsay Lohan Wins Elizabeth Taylor Role For Lifetime TV Movie
Adam Levine Uses The Pull-Out Method
Rick Santorum, A Portrait In Porn
8 Crazy Celebrity Prenuptial Agreement Clauses
Moisturize Like Royalty
Morning Quickies: Tavi & Cyndi Lauper Model For Uniqlo
5 Ways To Get Back To Dating Basics
This Is What Happens If You Cut Adele Off, Plus Other Celeb Ladies Flippin' The Bird
Home Inspiration: Tangerine Dreams
Meet Dana Jackson, A 100-Year-Old Bride
Backstage Beauty: Burberry Prorsum
Evening Quickies: Drew Barrymore & Her Sonogram Might Be Pregnant
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