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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Having A Baby
Well Played: Another Day, Another Fabulous Miranda Kerr Outfit
Pen, Pencil Or Sloth? Now You Can Draw With All Of 'Em
Gather Round For Ye Olde Drinking Songs!
Someone Please Make Me These Cookies, Thanks
7 Signs He's Not Planning On Proposing
7 Champagne Cocktails To Ring In The New Year
Weekend Playlist: Hang The DJ
15 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions (That You Can Actually Keep)
While We Wait For The Final Episodes Of "Breaking Bad," Please Enjoy This Canine Version Of Walt And Jesse
Brad Pitt Buying Angelina Jolie Sex Tape For $10 Million
Sandra Bernhard Doesn't Do Resolutions
Channing Tatum Loves On Jenna Dewan's New Baby Bump
Simon Cowell Is Sick Of Britney Spears
Ahhh! Chips The Baby Bobcat "Too Nice" To Return To The Wild
This Week In Style: Kate Moss Might Be Bringing Some Much-Needed Style To The X Factor
3 Love Lessons From "Les Miserables"
Miss Pop Nails: 8 Great Glitter Polishes
Jerk Off: 9 Celebs Caught Performing "Lewd Acts" In Public
J.J. Abrams Makes Dying Trekker's Wish To See "Star Trek Into Darkness" Come True
Style Stealer: Vanessa Hudges Does Her Yoga Thing In Style
Weekend Project: DIY Sequin Cocktail Rings
Rihanna Nude Photos Surface Following Vacation In Barbados
Woman With Big Tits Almost Motorboats World's Luckiest Man To Death, He Claims
Are Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Splitting Up?
Indian Gang Rape Victim, Age 23, Dies From Injuries
Why You Shouldn't Have A BDSM Relationship With Your Boss & Jennifer Aniston's "Saggy" Boobs Must Mean She's Preggo
Must Haves: 10 Chunky Pullover Sweaters
Daters, I Think We're Suffering From The Paris Syndrome
The Year In Memes We Totally Missed
YouTube User Sings The Year In Pop Music 2012
Astrology 101: 10 Ways To Live The Capricorn Lifestyle
Well Played: Nicky Hilton's Mad For Plaid
50 Things We're Ridding Our Lives Of In 2013
A Christmas Miracle! Stolen Mini-Pony Returned To Circus
Former MTV VJ Dave Holmes Is Not Abusing Azealia Banks, Mmmkay?
Our Year In Dating As Told In GIFs
A Response To Brandon Chicotsky Of
Girl Talk: I Have No Patience For Complainers
Indian Gang Rape Victim, 17, Commits Suicide
World, This Is Your New Fish-Themed "Gangam Style" Phenomenon
Sex: What's IN And OUT For 2013 (Our Predictions)
Is Kate Winslet Pregnant With Baby Rocknroll?
What Goes Around Comes Around
The Frisky's 2013 Astro Guide Has Arrived!
New Year's Eve Date Inspiration: Romantic Night In
The 12 Biggest Bulges Of 2012
Do Not Want: This $400 Sequin Harness Strap Thing
The Frisky's 12 Best Dressed Men Of 2012
Actress Eva Ionesco Sues Mom Over '70s-Era "Erotic Child Modeling Photos" In Playboy
Woman's Family Sues Online Gun Website Over Lack Of Accountability
Did Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Already Tie The Knot?
The Obamas Explain Their World-Famous Hug To Barbara Walters
Weight Watchers Tries To Sell To Women With The Most Naggy Wife Ever
Today In People Are Horrible: You Have To Pay To Get Your Name Off "Potential Prostitutes" Web Site
One Chambray Shirt, Worn Three Ways
The Post-Breakup Social Media Survival Guide
Do Not Want: Grumpy Cat Nipple Tassels Are An Abomination
The Frisky's Top 10 Hair And Beauty Icons Of 2012
Priest Says Women Encourage Domestic Violence For Not Cooking And Cleaning Well Enough
Matchmaker, Matchmaker: 8 Tips For Setting Up Your Friends
What We Learned From Studies In 2012
Miley Cyrus Sings Dolly Parton's "Jolene"
5 Completely Basic Things I'm Resolving To Do In 2013
Julie And Amelia Write Kate Winslet/Leo DiCaprio Fan Fiction
That "Downton Abbey"/"Parks And Rec" Mash-Up You've Been Waiting For
The Soapbox: Stop Humiliating People For Their Sex Practices Online
Be My Boyfriend: Man Issued Formal Warning For Farting Too Much At Work
End The War Over The Right Way To Load The Dishwasher
5 Celeb Style Trends To Steal This New Year's Eve
Watch A Shark Tank Burst Inside A Chinese Shopping Mall
Jessica Simpson & Giant Fiance Take A Beach Walk, Plus Other Simpson Family Vacation Photos
Travel Porn: 11 Awesome Places To Stop And Smell The Flowers
Cuba's Plus-Size Dance Troupe Is Breaking Stereotypes, Opening Minds
There's A Charity For That: 9 Organizations To Support To Atone For A Multitude Of Sins
Ned Rocknroll: Who Is Kate Winslet's New Husband?
Style 911: Where Do I Get Katie Holmes' Military-Inspired Coat?
Some Guy Claims He Can Prove Whitney Houston Was Murdered By Drug Dealers
Why MSNBC's David Gregory Could Face Jail Time
Georgia Judge Temporarily Blocks Abortion Law
Want To Protect Your Liver This New Year's Eve? Eat Some Asparagus
Must Haves: 12 Beautiful Pieces Of BFF Jewelry
5 Ways To Ruin Your Sex Life
Hacktivists Threaten To Release Personal Information Of Football Players Allegedly Involved In Assaulting Drunk Girl
Are People Really Asking Each Other For Their Credit Scores On First Dates?
The Reality TV Wedding Curse: What Happened To 14 Couples That Married On TV?
Hey! It's Another "Girls" Season 2 Trailer!
Cousin Matthew Is Out On "Downton Abbey"
Hitched: What I Miss About Being Single — And What I Don’t
Kevin Federline's Brother Is Claiming He Fathered Britney Spears' Eldest Son
Makeup Bag: Keep Your Icy Cool This Winter
A Review Of The Diva Cup Accompanied By GIFs
Amy Poehler Talks Jealousy
Swaziland Criminalizes Miniskirts, So Sluts Don't Tempt Men To Assault Them
The Pros And Cons Of Dating An Englishman
That's A Lot Of Look: Mariah Carey Goes Bad In Plaid
Have Yourself A Very Murray Christmas!
Dating Don'ts: 4 Things You Shouldn't Do During Your Dating Hiatus
Today In Crazy History: CIA Admits To Using Modern Art As A Cold War Weapon
Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Sex Tape Surfaces Online
How The Stars Spent The Holidays
The Only Leggings You Should Wear As Pants
Mila Kunis Does Not Accept Your Insults Or Your Compliments!
Ugh, These Two: Rihanna & Chris Brown Go Public
Watch: The Official Trailer For Ryan Gosling's "The Place Beyond The Pines"
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of December 24-30, 2012
Style Stealer: Jessica Alba's Plaid Passion
Facebook Is Testing A New Service That Lets Complete Strangers Message Your For A Dollar
That's A Lot Of Look: Paris Hilton Channels The Abominable Snowman
A Real Life Fruit Ninja Will Avenge Your Watermelon
Relationship In A Rut? There's An App For That!
10 New Year's Resolutions Every Man Should Make
“True Blood” Season 6 Spoilers: Who Will Be The New Villain In Bon Temps?
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Gorgeous Gloves And Mittens For $20 Or Less
Cornell University Lays Down The Lawn In The Library
15 Reasons Why We Love Cats
8-Year-Old Accused Of Stealing Christmas Presents
Idaho Senator Mike Crapo Arrested For Drunk Driving
Must Haves: 12 Bags In Every Hue Under The Sun
We Can't Wrap Our Minds Around The Brant Brothers, So Someone Else Is Doing It For Us
Rumor Mill: Justin Bieber Smokes Pot "Constantly"
Another Fake Doctor Accused Of Injecting Hazardous Stuff Into Butts
15 Shameful Post-Breakup Confessions
5 Sex Habits To Break Before The New Year
Girl Talk: Why Do I Feel So Depressed Around The Holidays?
Treat Yourself To A Heaping Glass Of Wine Ice Cream
Awesomely Affordable: 12 Glitteriffic Party Shoes For Fancy Nights Out Under $50
Dubiously Sourced Survey Says Women Find 1950s-Era Men The Most Desirable
Well Played: Jessica Alba Dresses Wisely For Last Minute Christmas Shopping
London's Victoria & Albert Museum Plans Show On '80s Club Kids
You Won't Believe The Silly Themes For These Vibrators
Awesomely Affordable: 10 Sparkly New Year's Eve Dresses For $60 Or Less
Frisky Eats: 10 Super Delish Vegan Cookie Recipes
The Psychology Of The Fake Geek Girl: Why We're Threatened By Falsified Fandom
Awesomely Affordable: 12 Statement Rings For $31 Or Less
Don't Tell Anyone, But Condé Nast Created A Mini-Magazine For Walmart
21 Couples With Height Issues
Worst Nightmare: Toddler Hides Eggs In His Closet; Hatches 7 Deadly Snakes
Love It Or Leave It: Is This New Prada Campaign All Flower Power Or Failure?
Beware: Your Boss Can Fire Your Flirty Ass
This Week In Style: Vogue/CFDA Raises $1.7 Million For Hurricane Sandy Relief
Meeting The Family Dos & Don'ts From Movies
Must Haves: 10 Blazers In Anything But Basic Black
12 Stars Without Makeup
Miss Universe: Why Do We Still Have Beauty Pageants?
Must Haves: 12 Pairs Of Super Stud Earrings
Weekend Project: Psychoanalyze Your Family Members With Ink Blot Placemats
The Top 10 Celebrity Sex Scandals Of 2012
A Salsa-Filled Party Sombrero Is The Only Party Hat You'll Ever Need
Katy Perry Might Be Getting Two-Timed By John Mayer
CW Developing "Sherwood" Series About A Female Robin Hood
Christmas Is A Sexist Holiday & Kinky Resolutions For 2012
Style Stealer: Gwen Stefani's Leather And Plaid
Check Out The New Poster For "Oz: The Great And Powerful"!
What We Missed: Talkin' 'Bout Animal Personalities, Kombucha & Fertility!
Love It Or Leave It: Naomi Watts's Stella McCartney Dress?
We See Chick Flicks: "This Is 40"
Meet The 24 Faces Of New Modeling Competition Show "The Face"
Ermagerd, It's The 12 Memes Of Christmas!
12 Celebs Who Were "Not Drunk" In 2012
"Nice Guys Of OK Cupid" = The Scariest Tumblr Of Dudes You Never Want To Date
NRA Hold Press Conference To Deny Any Responsibility For Newtown Shooting
Girl Talk: Motherhood & The Tragedy At Sandy Hook Elementary
Ben Affleck For Senate? He Won't Say
"Downton Abbey"'s Thomas Has A Unicorn Fetish
Well Played: Katie Holmes Is Pretty In Pink And Green
The Soapbox: On Proving Masculinity
Keep Your Tush Toasty
The 12 Days Of Catsmas: Day 12
DIY Holiday: 8 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Plain Brown Wrapping Paper
A Victoria's Secret Model Breaks Down Privilege And Physical Insecurity In TED Talk
Drew Barrymore Is Glad She Lived A "Full Life" Before Motherhood--What Do You Think?
Rebel Wilson Hosting The MTV Movie Awards!
The 2012 Frisky Give Guide: Free Arts For Abused Children
Dior Finally Addresses The Market For Overpriced Designer Temporary Tattoos
Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow Has Seven Sides And "Rock" Is One Of Them
My 9 Favorite Holiday Indulgences
Watch: House Of Style Hosts Visit Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace At Home
5 Perfect Gifts For ... The Glam Girl
"30 Rock" Cast Tweets Pics From Their Last Days On Set
Indian Police Chief Suggests Women Protect Themselves From Rape With Chili Powder
Nerd Alert: Would You Crossover Into "The Twilight Zone" Again?
December 20: What Are We Wearing Today?
It's Time To Cry: "What Brought Us Together" In 2012
The Boyfriend Maker App Is Alive And Self Aware, And Is Actually A Terrible Boyfriend
Awesomely Affordable: 12 Pairs Of Dangly Earrings Under $30
Drew Barrymore Reacts To Kristen Wiig Dating Her Ex
Meet The Texas Town Which Allows Teachers To Carry Concealed Guns
A Reason To Think Twice About Going Solo
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: 2012 Miss Universe Pageant
Merry Christmas From A Tastefully Nude Courtney Stodden!
George Takei Reads "Fifty Shades Of Grey"
6 Things We Didn't Know We Should Be Doing To Our Boobs
Cory Booker Exploring Senate Run
Insane Clown Posse Should Review All The Movies
Rhonda Lee, Black Meteorologist, On Getting Fired For Speaking Out About Her Hair
Pray Tell: Why I Write About Religion
The Real X Factor Lies Deep In Britney's Eyes
There's A New Trailer For "The Great Gatsby"!
Mirror, Mirror: You ARE Pretty Enough To Find Love
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