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Carrie Underwood Cast As Maria Von Trapp In NBC's "Sound Of Music"
Alabama Woman Attacked For Being Lesbian Releases Statement
Courtney Stodden Wants To Do Tasteful Nudity & A Spanx Sex Experiment
November 30: What Are We Wearing Today?
That's A Lot Of Look: Katie Holmes Seems, Um, Confused
Guys, Get Your Tub Of Bacon Shaving Cream Before It Sells Out!
Danielle Fishel's Style Transformation
One Sweatshirt, Worn Three Ways
Reason Number 2,453 Why Canada Is Better Than Us: Canadian University Installs "Puppy Room" For Stressed Out Students
Your Daily Squee: A Brand New Baby Elephant
Recipe Roundup: Hot Drinks For Cold Days
Coolest Job On The Planet: "Game Of Thrones" Cunning Linguist
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Rents His Bald Head As Ad Space
The Soapbox: I'm On Twitter Strike Until The Men I Know Get Loud
Thanks But No Thanks -- You Can Keep Your Butt-Shaped Nail Polish Bottles
Two Men Filmed Getting Blowjobs On NYC Subway
What We Missed: The Frisky Staff Chats About Planned Parenthood Black Friday Deals, Jessica's Leg Hair & Cheese Sex!
First Look: "Girls" Season 2!
And Now ... A Game Of Guess The Thingy
Dealbreaker: He Was In The Mob
The Soapbox: Holiday Gift Giving Is A Total Scam
In Defense Of (Being A Fan Of) "Twilight"
Well Played: Diane Kruger Kills It In Rochas
Lindsay Lohan's Bar Fight Was Over Max George From The Wanted
11 Sexy Penis Moves
Calling All Crazy Cat Ladies
What Famous Lady Is This Hot Model Related To?
Can You Recognize Britney Spears? [The Berry]
Kevin Clash: Much More Than Just the Voice of Elmo [Newser]
The Top 10 Poop Bandits
US Birth Rate Lowest Ever [Newser]
This Woman Should Be Interviewed About Everything
Kim Kardashian Wants To Keep Her $2 Million Engagement Ring
Jude Law Is No Longer "A Young, Pretty Thing"
Afghan Man Murders Cousin, 15, After Her Family Rejects His Marriage Proposal
Today In Cute: This Year's Top Baby Names!
Found: The Creepiest, Coziest Snowsuit Ever
Dad Shows Up At Daughter's High School, Swinging Chain, Yelling "Who's F**king My Daughter?"
Well Played: Ashlee Simpson's Trendy Tomboy Look
Style Stealer: Hilary Duff Is The Lady In Red (Jeans)
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The LOVE Hangover Ball
All The Places Bigfoot Should Go Now That He's Real
Pediatricians Urged To Discuss, Prescribe Emergency Contraception To Teens
Beauty Cues: Emily Blunt's Simple Shimmery Makeup
The 9 Most Misspelled Celebrity Names
Mommie Dearest: Why Toy Catalogs Make Me Roll My Eyes
5 Things To Know About Vito Schnabel, The Guy Demi Moore Is Supposedly Banging Now
America, This Is Your New Viral Video
True Story: Everything You Need To Know About Domestic Violence — From A Prosecutor
College Basketball Player Fat-Shamed After Quitting Team
If Your Friends Were Like Your Dogs And Cats
Girl Talk: The Virtue Of Eating Dessert With Every Meal
Well Played: Malin Akerman's Hip Mama Look
All The Reason You'll Need To Hold Off On Those Butt Implants (NSFW)
Romney Face-Tattoo Guy Changes His Mind
Frisky Q&A: Kiara Belen, Runner-Up On "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 19
Lindsay Lohan Arrested For 4 A.M. Nightclub Assault In NYC And Britney Spears Team Up To "Scream & Shout"
The Lazy Girl's PMS Survival Guide
Tavi Gevinson, On Being Your Own Kind Of Feminist
Be My Boyfriend: "Down 2 Boink" Con
8 Ways To Handle The Holiday Blues
Unexpectedly Awesome Ways To Dress For Your Body Type
The Real Reason These 8 Celebs Got Pregnant
Gavin Rossdale Might've Grabbed His Sister's Butt (Not His Nanny!)
'Man Boob' Surgery Surges
Defense Attorney Likens 11-Year-Old Gang Rape Victim To "Spider" Who Lured Men To Her Web
"Star Trek Into Darkness" Gets A Synopsis -- But Who's The Villain?!
Style Stealer: Celine Dion's Look Will Go On
Uh Oh: Magazines Make Dudes Feel Insecure, Too
Beauty Test Drive: Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara
The Good, The Bad & The Meh: The 2012 British Fashion Awards
Bangladesh Woman Forced To Remarry Husband After He Threw Acid In Her Face
Jessica Chastain Goes Bare For British GQ To Promote "Zero Dark Thirty"
22 Out-Of-Whack Photoshop Fails
November 28: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)
Guess Who Chopped Off Her Long, Flowing Locks?
The 10 Stages Of Being Assaulted By A Bad Winter Cold
Women With Endometriosis Are Seen As More Attractive, Study Claims
Rainn Wilson Spoofs Angus T. Jones' "Two And A Half Men" Freak Out
Hitched: Don't Have Sex On Your Wedding Night
Now Available: Yoko Ono's Fashions For Men, Just In Time For Christmas
Was Gavin Rossdale Playing Grabby Ass With The Nanny?
Confession: I Have A Favorite Male Porn Star And His Name Is Manuel Ferrara
The 25 Days Of Chocolate
Emmy Rossum Would Like To Take You On A Sentimental Journey
7 First Dates So Terrible They Made The News
Family: Angus T. Jones Being Exploited By Crazy Pastor
Well Played: Kim Kardashian, Not Even Kidding
Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant Again
Astrology 101: 10 Ways To Live The Sagittarius Lifestyle
Backyard "Granny Pods" Now Available For The Unwanted Elderly
First Look: "In Vogue: The Editor's Eye"
"Hashtag" And 10 Other Internet Words You Should Definitely Not Name Your Baby
Will Somebody Please Tell Me What Happened To Jared Leto?
Hump Day Hottie: John Hawkes
Kate Middleton Cut Her Hair And This Is News, Apparently
Today In Sex: Dolly Parton Is Not A Lesbian & What Is "Milking"?
Michigan Considers Allowing 12-Week-Old Fetuses As Tax "Dependents"
November 27: What Are We Wearing Today?
Well Played: Celine Dion Has The Power Of Style
Lenny Kravitz Is Being Attacked By A Scarf
Style 911: What Should I Wear To My Event Planning Job?
Vampire Is On The Loose, Serbian Village Warns
Anna Nicole Smith's 6-Year-Old Daughter Models For Guess
How To Change Out Of Your Bathing Suit In Public According To Paz De La Huerta
Are You Disturbed By This Overweight Mannequin?
Third Man Accuses Elmo Puppeteer Of Teen Sex
10 Cats Having Existential Crises
That's A Lot Of Look: Russell Brand's Yoga Whites
Bad News: Bigfoot Might Be Real & Running Around Vermont
I Have: Vaginal Cysts
Ke$ha's Not A Whore Or A Drunk, But A Feminist
Baby, It's Consensual Outside
6 Things I Learned About Myself Without Having A Cell Phone For A Week
Not Your Mama's Tights
The 2013 Pirelli Calendar Features Pregnant Hotties
Lady Gaga Was A Fan Of Lindsay Lohan's Performance In "Liz & Dick"
Halle Berry's Ex Claims Her Fiance Threatened To Kill Him
Dolly Parton, On Losing A Drag Queen Competition
Dating Don'ts: The Power Of Next
Babies Are Turning Into Real Monsters These Days
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Spent 3.5 Hours Pronouncing The World’s Longest Word
11 Dos & Don'ts Of Wearing ... Leggings
All The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Rip-Offs Together On One, Sad Bookshelf
Etsy Spotlight: Country Home Style
Child Protective Services Investigating Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry After Thanksgiving Brawl
Today's WTF News: Which Celeb Got A Heinz Ketchup Bottle Tattoo?
Teen Boy In Alabama Assaults His Sister's Girlfriend On Thanksgiving
November 26: What Are We Wearing Today?
Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: A Whole Lot Of Ass-Kicking On "The Walking Dead" And "Dexter," Plus Agent Cheekbones Is Up To Something On "Homeland"
WIGS' New Series "Kendra" & The Best/Worst Hospital Dramas Of All Time
Must Haves: 10 Pretty Pairs Of Knee-High Socks
Chris Brown Reactivates His Twitter Account, Jenny Johnson Gets Death Threats
"Kenan & Kel" Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together
For The "Project Runway" Contestant In All Of Us: Kors Metaphors
4 Reasons Why I Am Moving To The UK For Their Reality Television
The Good, The Bad & The WTF: The London Evening Standard Theater Awards
Angus T. Jones, Child Actor On "Two & A Half Men," Calls The Show "Filth"
Girl Talk: This House Is Not Just A House & Other Thoughts On My Dad's Death
Shirtless Prince Harry Immortalized In London Gay Bar Mural
Online Retail Therapy: Tons Of Cyber Monday Deals Await!
Dealbreaker: He Took Me To Chipotle
Halle Berry's Current Guy Made Citizen's Arrest On Her Ex
Chart: Justin Bieber Singlehandedly Attempts To Bring Back The One-Strap Overall Trend
Where Are They Now? "The Real World: San Francisco" Edition
Top 12 Most Absurd Allegations From Fox News' "War On Men" Scare Piece
Give Yourself A Gold Star, Why Don't Ya?
Mantatee Molester Arrested
The 8 Best/Worst Moments From "Liz & Dick"
Yes, Honey Boo Boo Quotes Work As Pick Up Lines
Halle Berry's Ex-Boyfriend And Fiance Brawled (In French!) On Thanksgiving
11 Simple Rules For What To Do When Your Parent Dies
Chris Brown Gets In Twitter Fight With Comedienne, Promptly Deletes Account
Beauty Test Drive: Revlon Balm Stain
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of November 26-December 2, 2012
Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Daughter Willow's Right To Do Her Hair However She'd Like
Let's Ogle Jennifer Lawrence's Hot Brother Blaine
Passenger Flies Plane Because Pilot Has A Migraine -- Or, Why I Am Not A Pilot
Shocker: Study Finds Sex More Pleasing Than Facebook
Book Vending Machine Called "Biblio-Mat" Is My New Reason For Living
Must Haves: 10 Top Turtlenecks
Meet Casey Legler, The Female Artist Working As A Male Model
11 Things You Didn't Know About "Liz & Dick"
Style Stealer: Reese Witherspoon Does Black And Blue
Amanda Seyfried Is Upstaged By Dog In "Vanity Fair" Shoot
The Most Important Insurance Ad You Will Ever See
No Excuses, You Need These DIY Glittery Star Pins This Holiday Season
Check Out These Cool Faux Vintage Travel Ads
Anna Wintour Dispels Rumors Of A Memoir In A Rare Interview
The Top 5 Dirtiest Crimes Committed In The Name Of Love
Must Haves: 10 Cozy Shawl Collar Cardigans
Weekend Playlist: Dreamy, Dreamy Fall Days
"Dallas" Star Larry Hagman Dead At 81
Style Stealer: Does Miranda Kerr Ever Take A Break From Being Flawless?
Weekend Project: The Perfect Post-Thanksgiving Cocktail
The $1 Solution For Whiter Teeth
United Bamboo Now Makes Cat Teepees
Will The Real Saint Nic Please Stand Up?
Must Haves: 10 Perfect Poncho Sweaters
Kate Moss Can Just Sell Her Tattooed Skin If She Ever Goes Broke (Not Likely)
That's A Lot Of Look: Ke$ha's Cla$hing Prints
Not Even Serena Van Der Woodsen Can Abide This "Upper East Side Makeover" Video Game
A Photographic Review Of Rihanna's 777 Tour
Love It Or Leave It: Diane Kruger's Lacy Jumpsuit?
7 Ways To Spend Black Friday Away From The Mall
6 Black Friday Shopper Types You Should Avoid Like The Plague
Etsy Spotlight: 11 Artsy Movie Posters
A J'Adorable Tote Bag
A Black Friday Sale We Can Get Behind
Taylor Swift Receiving Twitter Death Threats From One Direction Fans
The Best Of Black Friday Online Deals
Man Gobbles At Turkeys, Turkeys Gobble Back, Amelia Cringes
Awesomely Affordable: Colorful Party-Ready Clutches Under $50
Topless Nuns Spray Jesus's Sperm In Paris Protest
Zuma Rossdale Wants You To Talk To The Hand
How To Get Some Gravy On Thanksgiving
5 Tips For Setting Healthy Boundaries At Thanksgiving
True Story: I'm The Only Man In The Kitchen On Thanksgiving And I'm Happy To Be There
How The Amazing Nerds At NASA Would Cook A Thanksgiving Turkey
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