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Don't Worry, Everyone, "Saturday Night Live" Is Still On For This Weekend!
It's The Rap Coloring Book!
D.L. Hughley On Black Women: "Angry All The Time"
Style Stealer: Kerry Washington's Graphic Garment
Meet The World's Pickiest Eater … Seriously
The Soapbox: Please, Can "Hipster Sexism" Not Be A Thing?
Donut Shot Glasses Are A Real Thing
Random Bald & Spectacled Triplet Alert!
30 Celebs All Dressed Up For Halloween
Beauty How-To: "The Great Gatsby" Nude Look
8 Favorite Literary Horror Heroines
Armie Hammer And Johnny Depp Just Love Cuddling
Mustache Fetishists, Get Ready, It's Movember Time!
12 Celebs Kickin' It At The Pumpkin Patch
This Is Why Everyone Is Working From Home In NYC Today
Put That Baby To Work!
Girl Talk: On Raising My Standards In Dating
Kate Moss Dishes On Johnny Depp, Heroin
"Dogxter," The "Dexter" Dog Parody
Today In WTF: Toddler Exposed To Gonorrhea By Sucking On A Used Condom At A Playground
Hitched: How I Became A Homemaker
Happy Halloween: Here's "The Shining" Done "Seinfeld"-Style
Halle Berry Wants To Play '60s Civil Rights Activist Angela Davis
The 8 Stages Of Being Trapped In Your Apartment For Days
Henri The Cat Suffers Existential Angst On Halloween
Cee Lo Green Accused Of Sexual Battery
7 Disconcertingly Intimate Things I Have Said To Starbucks Customers
Mindy Kaling Says Gross Is Funny
10 Weird, Wacky And Totally Superfluous Things You Can Buy From The Lillian Vernon Catalog
Let Me Pet You: Orphaned Walrus Edition
Ladies, Skrillex Is On The Market Again, I Repeat, Skrillex Is Single
Ryan Gosling Pays Surprise Visit To Deaf School Fundraiser
Today’s Lady News: Reader Submission Edition
"RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" Talk Presidential Debates And Other Important Stuff
October 30: What Are We Wearing Today? Hurricane Sandy Edition
Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 8 With … Jessica Alba?
Ready For A Shot Of The World's Strongest Beer?
Must Haves: 10 Hurricane-Proof Rain Boots
Squirrel Accidentally Dresses Up For Halloween
Beauty How-To: How To Get An Old Hollywood Makeup Look For Halloween
Tales Of First Dates During Hurricane Sandy
Rachel Zoe's Son Skylar Is Being Adorable Again
Watch The New Trailer For "The Carrie Diaries"
Dating Don'ts: 10 Things You're Probably Overreacting About
Man Sues His Wife For Giving Birth To Ugly Baby, Wins $120,000
This Cat Is What I Look Like When I'm Watching My Stories
10 Inappropriate Celeb Tweets About Hurricane Sandy
Love It Or Leave It: Olivia Munn's Gets Graphic
Men Explain Why They Think Catcalling Works
The Soapbox: Trying to Make Sense Of The NYC Nanny Murders
Thank Goodness For Pretty Thank You Cards
Edward Furlong Arrested For Domestic Violence At Airport
Good Job, Internet! The Best Hurricane Sandy Memes
Coco Endures Hurricane Sandy The Only Way She Knows How
UPDATE: A Hurricane Sandy Update
7 Things I Am Qualified To Explain To Middle-Aged Republican Men
Awesome Mom's Reaction When Her Black Son Wanted To Be A Princess
Comedienne Issa Rae's New Project: "The Michelle Obama Diaries"
An Adorable Echidna Puggle Belly & 13 Other Animal Bellies To Help You Weather Any Storm
Anderson Cooper's Daytime Talk Show Cancelled
6 Accomplished Women Who Don't Want To Be Called Feminists
Chad Kroeger Responds To Deryk Whibley's Chavril Costume
The Good, The Bad & The Totally Meh: The LACMA Art + Film Gala
The 9 Most Unintentionally Scary Movies
Gwen Stefani Pulls A Sue Ellen Mischke
Sunday Night Boob Tube Bonanza: Meeting Mama Clark, Closing In On Dexter & Wearing Brody Down
13 Frankenstorm-Appropriate Halloween Costumes
Ancient Winged Penises Unearthed
We Don't Want To Break Up, We're Just Ovulating
Epic Battle: Baby Cheetahs Vs. Pumpkin!
Connie Britton Pens Op-Ed On Romney's Use Of "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts"
Joss Whedon Endorses Mitt Romney ... For The Zombie Apocalypse
Girl Talk: My Awkward Sober Sex Life
Send Us Pics Of Your Halloween Costumes!
The Ultimate Hurricane Sandy Playlist
Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: Is Dita Von Teese Correct That Men Like Watching Women "Get Ready"?
"Long Island Medium" Channels Legendary Skater Harold Hunter
What Is Kim Kardashian Dressed As For Halloween?
The Soapbox: On Disney's First Latina Princess
This Week In Insanely Pricey Celeb Purchases...
Breakfast With A Bang
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Is Clearly Not Feeling Halloween
Baking Bonanza: 15 Mouthwatering Bread Recipes
A Note On Hurricane Sandy
Paparazzi Who Snapped Nude Pics Of Kate Middleton Set To Be Arrested
5 Awkward Halloween Moments And How To Recover
Lucky Apologizes For Overly Airbrushed Britney Spears Cover
Avril's Ex Deryck Wibley Dresses Up As Chavril For Halloween
The 10 Best Cats On The Internet Ever
Melissa Harris-Perry's Eloquent And Moving Open Letter To Richard Mourdock
Your Friskyscopes For The Week Of October 29-November 4, 2012
It's Out There: A Planet Made of Diamond
The Dos and Don'ts of Texting Naked Pics
11 Completely Insane Celeb Beauty Treatments
I Found Gay Porn On My Husband's Computer
Spice Up Your Style With This Accessory
Marriage Does Not Have to Wait For Money
What Is Wrong With These Photos?
Lindsay Lohan Is Meteorologist Now
The Most Grotesque Pumpkin Of Them All
Did You Know? Stars And Their Scars
I Am Ridiculously Hopeful About The JCP Duro Olowu Collection
Christina Aguilera Doesn't Give A Crap About Bloggers
7 Dumbest Myths About Working From Home
Style 911: What Do I Do With This Vintage Mink Stole?
This Woman Produces Way More Breast Milk Than You
Can Jem And The Holograms Make A Truly Outrageous Comeback With New Dolls From Hasbro?
Be My Boyfriend: The "People's Court" Announcer
"Ice Loves Coco" Star Coco Austin Opens Up About Life With Ice-T
This Week In Style: Fashion Types Get The Mini-Me Treatment
Well Played: Krysten Ritter Is Gorgeous In Green
Snooki Talks About Losing Her Baby Weight, Doesn’t Understand What Baby Weight Is
Today In UGH: Adam Carolla Joins Fox News
Forever 21 In Hot Water Over Sweatshop Labor, Refuses To Release Records
Jami Attenberg's 6 Favorite Books With Overweight Protagonists
Must Haves: 9 Sequined Pieces You Can Wear Whenever
Style Stealer: Cobie Smulders' Classic Fall Look
15 Of The Worst Romance Novels In Existence
Weekend Project: A Delicious Chocolate Facial
Jessica Timberlake? Biel Is Taking Justin's Last Name
Totally Inappropriate Use Of Pumpkins
Justin Timberlake Apologizes For That "Homeless Video"
Planned Parenthood Files New Lawsuit Against State Of Texas
How Not To Kiss Like A Zombie & Why Sex Makes You Smarter
6 Dresses You Can Pass Off As Halloween Costumes
Win This! "Magic Mike" On Blu-Ray/DVD & Channing Tatum Autographed Trading Cards!
Britney Spears Dons Weird Wig For Lucky Magazine Cover
What We Missed: The Frisky Staff Talks Starbucks Screw-Ups, Anna Dissing Ann & Tips For Cohabiting!
Courtney Love And Sam Lufti Are Working On A Kurt Cobain Musical Or Movie
Wendy Williams & Rachel Maddow Go Head-To-Head On Politics
8 Meditations For Crazy Daters
Emergency Compliments, For When You're Feeling Really Crappy
Evan Peters Says This Season Of "American Horror Story" Has "A Lot Of Butt"
The Best Of Mini Pop Star Costumes
Michelle Obama Just Wants To Shop At CVS Like A Normal
Guess The Movie This Writer Is Describing
The Shy Girl's Guide To Confidence
Girl Talk: Assorted Thoughts On Losing My Engagement Ring
Little Girl Tells Pippa Middleton She Hates Princesses
Just A Slow Loris Eating A Rice Ball
Beauty How-To: Get A Vampy Goth Halloween Makeup Look
Row, Row, Row Your Soapdish
Love It Or Leave It: Marion Cotillard's Bird Print Pants
Makeup Bag: 10 Heavenly Bath Products To Get You Through The Season
Rise And Shine! 5 Best Morning Sex Positions
"Personal" Pics Of Sofia Vergara Stolen From Fiance's Phone
Tina Fey Takes On "Legitimate" Rape
6 Pieces Of Relationship Advice I Would Give You If We Were Friends
Lena Dunham On Her First Time ... Voting
RIP Society: "Lifeblogging Camera" Documents Every Moment Of Your Day
Astrology 101: 10 Ways To Live The Scorpio Lifestyle
Ryan Murphy On "American Horror Story"'s Exorcism
8 Women Who Auctioned Off Their Virginity
Taylor Swift And Conor Kennedy Break Up
Richard Mourdock Says "Whoopsies," Backtracks On Rape Comments
Hot Links: Prayers Answered? Idris Elba May Play Bond!
October 25: What Are We Wearing Today?
Strippers In Pop Culture
Jennifer Lopez Knows The True Definition Of High-Low Style
Chris O'Dowd Stumbles Around Drunk, Adorably
Must Haves: 10 Dresses & Shirts For Big-Breasted Ladies
It's A "Nashville" Recap, Y'All: Daddy Issues, Sticky Fingers & Low Self-Esteem
Katy Perry Performs In Tight Obama/Biden Dress At Rally In Las Vegas
13 Chickens, Rabbits, Horses & More Dressed Up For Halloween
Kristen Stewart Talks "Twilight" Love Triangles While Promoting "Breaking Dawn"
Finally, An Answer About "Abby & Brittany"'s Sex Life!
Found: The Official Gwyneth Paltrow BFF Job Application
NYPD Officer Arrested For Plot To Kidnap, Rape & Cook Women
Jon Hamm & Jessica Pare Get Some Sun As "Mad Men" Heads To Hawaii
What If It Hadn’t Been "Fifty Shades of Grey" But One Of These Erotic Novels Instead?
10 Songs We Wish Justin Timberlake Had Sang Jessica Biel Down The Aisle
President Obama: "Rape Is Rape"
Girl Talk: Yep, I'm A Fat Yoga Teacher
Rooty Tooty Fresh And Fruity Perfume
Lady Gaga Gets A Gender-Bending Fern Species Named After Her
How To Remember Your Dreams
Beauty PSA: Don't Use Too Much Water On Your Skin!
Justin Timberlake Sang Jessica Biel Down The Aisle
7 Famous Female Sex Scandals Throughout History
Well Played: Christina Hendricks' Date Night Duds
Transgender Director Lana Wachowski's Moving Human Rights Campaign Acceptance Speech
The "Floral Kiss" Laptop & 6 Other Patronizing For-Women-Only Products
Celeb Street Style Spotlight: Leopard Print Shoes
Dita Von Teese Talks Beauty, Confidence And Nipple Hair
A Handy Guide To What These Various Old Conservative White Politicians Have Said About Rape
Simpson Family Statement Avoids Any Mention Of Papa Joe Maybe Being Gay
Tom Cruise Is Suing & Mitt Romney Spray Tans!
Today's Lady News: Romney Campaign Says It Still Supports Richard Mourdock
October 24: What Are We Wearing Today?
Azealia Banks Boycotts Dolce & Gabbana For "Racist" Collection
JWoww Endorses Healthy Living But Forgot She's Supposed To Be Shilling Diet Pills
Watch Tom Hanks Perform A Slam Poem About "Full House"
Fall Must Haves: 10 Pretty Patterned Tights
Accused Rapist Blames It On Four Loko
This Guy's Cat Can Ride A Bike Better Than You
Beauty Cues: Amanda Seyfried Spikes This Classic Red Lip Look
The Ryan Gosling Look Book
Love It Or Leave It: Kristen Stewart's Monochromatic Playsuit Is Risky Business
Creepy Or Genius? Artist Gives Men A Peek Into The Ladies Room
5 Moves I Thought I'd Never Try In Bed ... And Like
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