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Look, It’s Tavi In The New Wilco Music Video
For The Week Of January 9-15, 2012
S**t Girls Say ... To Gay Guys
Blue Ivy, Beyonce And Jay-Z's Baby, Is Named After Lucifer's Daughter (And Other Ridiculous Rumors)
25 Teeny Tiny Ways To Be A Lot More Fabulous
Morning Quickies: Beyoncé's Birth Kept Man From Seeing His Newborn Babies
Monday Morning Aww: Baby Deer & Kitten Are In Love
An Alphabetical Guide To "Downton Abbey"
This Is A Gratuitous Panda Video
Styling Tips For Your Naturally Curly Hair
Well, Now There's A Breed Of Giant Rat Living In NYC, Too
Welcome Blue Ivy Carter! Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Baby Girl Has Arrived!
5 Ways To Change Your Romantic Type
How To Get Featured On _________ [Insert Style Blog Name]
Hiring A Wedding Proposal Planner Is A Ridiculous Waste Of Money
Maggie Gyllenhaal Supports Planned Parenthood, Only Makes Us Love Her More
Place I Want To Go: Restaurant That Serves Food In Toilet Bowls
Who Wore It Better?
Just Buy A Car From Gary Busey, Already
This Guy Is Guilty Of An Awesome Name Change
How Social Media Can Help You Get Fit
Oh Great, Child Labor Is On the Rise
Seraphina Affleck Is A Fan Of Daddy
Avoid This Guy! 14 Reasons To Dump Him
Shopping Guide: 10 Cool Cuff Bracelets
The Unfriendly Skies: 18 Celebs Behaving Badly On Planes
The 7 Craziest Things Ever Done To Get Laid
Mindy Kaling Thought She Was Bill Clinton's Type Because She's "A Little Chunky"
Katy Perry's Parents Support Her After Split, See It As God's Will
10 Things You Didn't Know About Drew Barrymore's Fiance Will Kopelman
Is Sydney Spies Too Sexy For Her High School Yearbook?
Evening Quickies: Jewel And Alanis Morissette To '90s-ify "The Voice"
Today's Lady News: Man Arrested For Abortion Clinic Firebombing Over New Year's
This Week In Sex: Catherine Kieu's Penis Chop Could Get Her Life In Prison & What He's Really Thinking During Sex
All At Once, James Franco Shatters The Golden Silence Of His Absence
The Most Unintentionally Hilarious Advice Question Ever (Farts Involved)
Smutty "Cosmo" Needs To Clean Up Its Act, Says Project Anti-Cosmo Crusader
January 6: What Are We Wearing Today?
Even Carrie Brownstein Wants to Make Out With Ryan Gosling
Praise Be! Nicki Minaj Gets "Super Grace," A Pro-Abstinence Parody
Dear Wendy: "I'm Ostracized For Keeping My Maiden Name"
Rachel Maddow Does Shots With Jimmy Fallon
Kirstie Alley Wants A Butt Ugly Boyfriend
How To Get Super Curly Locs Without Curlers
This Extremely Photoshopped Picture Represents Some Arbitrary Beauty Ideal
"Mrs. YoMama" Won't Catch On As Nickname For First Lady, Politician Finds
Woman Wore Fake Mustache During Theft
Girl Talk: I Have An Emotional Attachment To Clothing
Some Thoughts On The Coachella Line Up Rocking Like It's 1995
What Kanye West's DONDA Commercial Would Look Like
An Internal Monologue While Perusing Online Dating Matches
Salty As The Sea, Sweet As Pie
The Women Of "Glee" And "American Horror Story" Channel Famous Horror Films
5 Weird/Fun/Exciting Adventures To Go On This Year
Reese Witherspoon Offers Single Ladies A Valuable Lesson
Alexa Chung Admits She's a Fake DJ
Oh No, It's A Huge Group Of Girls
Morning Quickies: Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis To Split?
It's All Kate News All The Time On Katebook
Something Totally Magical And Not At All Disgusting Happened On The NYC Subway This Week
5 Ways To Get More Culture In 2012
Evening Quickies: Drew Barrymore Is Engaged To Will Kopelman
Hot Links: "Project Runway All-Stars" Starts Tonight!
Today's Lady News: Rick Santorum Against Abortion, Unless It's To Save His Own Wife's Life
January 5: What Are We Wearing Today?
George Clooney Is Worried About Women In Hollywood
Woman Rubs Her Bare Butt All Over $30 Million Painting
Nerd Girl Porn: Hot Chefs
Our New Hero: Girl Asks Jason Segel Out For Drinks Via Adorable Song
Meet Ryan, 6-Year-Old Child Model With Down Syndrome
Shopping Guide: 8 Exquisite Embroidered Pieces
Man Stabbed Over Not Knowing Beyonce Married to Jay-Z
2012's Top Baby Names: Is Your Name On The List?
An Open Letter To The Girl Who's Auctioning Off Her Fart On Ebay
Introducing Alana, Our New "Toddlers & Tiaras" Muse
All The Single Ladies ... Say This S**t
Possible Lesbian Affair Alert: Demi Moore And Brandi Glanville
Campus Confidential: Finals And The Curse Of The Perfect Girl
5 Things To Know About Adele's New Boyfriend, Simon Konecki
The Best "New York Times" Correction Ever
Girl Talk: How To Dump A Toxic Friend
A Sexy Stiletto For Your Spoons
Que DONDA, Kanye? Kanye West's Plan For Global Takeover Foments In Late Night Twitter Rant
5 Reasons To Wear Color With Color
So, About That Kardashian Family Magazine
Jimmy Kimmel Asks "Jersey Shore" Dudes About "Hijinks In The Shower"
Morning Quickies: Zooey Deschanel Files For Divorce & Casey Anthony Posts YouTube Video Diary
10 Teen Movie Makeovers And What We Learned From Them
Ferret Legging: In Which Men Put An Agitated Animal Down Their Pants
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Tried To Buy A Microwave With $1 Million Bill
13 Celebs With Naughty Piercings
A Single Girl's Wish List: 7 Must-Haves For Mr. Right
Do Men Really Want Skinny Women?
STRANGE: Why America Should Eat Horse
The Sexual Bucket List: 50 Things to Do Sexually Before You Die
WOW: Kris Humphries Is Dating a Kim Kardashian Lookalike
Proof High End Style Is The Best Style
20 Worst Movie Mistakes Revealed
Today's Lady News: Saudi Arabia's Lingerie Law To Go Into Effect
Evening Quickies: Katy Perry "Couldn't Satisfy Russell Brand's Wild Sexual Urges"
Hot Links: Which Jersey "Housewives" Are Stickin' Around For Season 4?
January 4: What Are We Wearing Today?
The "Human Barbie" Mom Needs More Attention Again
Newt Gingrich Doesn't Support Legal Abortion In The Case Of Rape Or Incest
If You’re Thinking About Cheating, Today Is The Day
Shopping Guide: 13 Three-Quarter Sleeve Pullover Sweaters
How Carrie Brownstein Chooses Which Hipsters To Mock On "Portlandia"
Shit White Girls Say ... To Black Girls
17 Famous Man Bulges
How Could You Do A "Bridesmaids" Sequel Without Kristen Wiig?
Demi Moore Opens Up About Abandonment Issues In Harper's Bazaar
Mind Of Man: So Many Condoms, So Little Time
Pimpin' For Paul: Brothel Endorses Ron Paul For President
Amber Rose Calls Kim Kardashian The "Homewrecker" Of Kanye West Relationship
Nude Man Accidentally Helps Sell French Retailer's Kids' T-Shirts
Michele Bachmann Drops Out Of The GOP Race
Hitched: Why Do I Have To Invite Strangers To My Wedding?
The Best Of "It’s A Brad, Brad World"
Trivia For Winos
The Soapbox: On Chris Brown & Why We Must Take Domestic Violence More Seriously
Wait, Sinead O'Connor's Marriage Is Back On
Is Dakota Fanning Too Young For Cosmo?
5 Dating Sites For Terrible People To Find Terrible Love
Deep Thoughts From Jenna Burke Of "The Bachelor"
Morning Quickies: Nick Cannon Hospitalized With Kidney Failure
The Best Worst "Blind Date" Ever
Katy Perry & Russell Brand, Plus 10 Other Celeb Couples That Didn't Have Prenups
Evening Quickies: "Mob Wives" Gets New Addition Named Big Ang
Hot Links: Kim Kardashian's Bangin' New Look, Plus Relationship Resolutions For Everyone!
Today's Lady News: Dennis Rodman Launching Topless Women's Basketball Team
January 3: What Are We Wearing Today?
Libra Tampon Ad Called Transphobic For Implying "Real Women" Have Periods
Kyle Richards Advocates Keeping A One-Time Affair To Yourself
5 Facts About Blogger Jenna Burke, The Latest Bunny Boiler On "The Bachelor"
Cool Video: "I'm Feminist Enough"
Kris Humphries, Your Homophobia Is Showing
Clint Eastwood's Best Friend Is A Squirrel Named Lola (Plus 12 Other Pet-Obsessed Celebs!)
Brandi Glanville's Drunken Wedding Shows The "Housewives" Are Right About Her
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Ate 362 Slices Of Pizza And Still Wants More
15 Skills Every Woman Should Master
18-Year-Old Woman Raped & Beaten By As Many As 6 Men In Chicago
No, We Don't Want No Muffin Pounders
Girl Talk: A New Way Of Seeing In 2012
Hot Dude Alert: 25 Photos Of Joshua Bowman From "Revenge"
Floor Flashing: Courtney Stodden Tries To Start New Internet Trend, I Abide
Gwyneth Paltrow's Super Easy Hangover Cure
Girl Talk: A Man I Loved Died
...And A Sparkly New Year!
Do Not Want: Shark Bite Shirt
30 Sex Resolutions For 2012
"Punk'd" Sneak Peek: Miley Cyrus & Kelly Osbourne Trick Khloe Kardashian!
Better Than Bird Watching: Goths Up Trees
Morning Quickies: Johnny Weir Officially Off The Market
7 Reasons You Should Compliment Total Strangers
"Portlandia" Is Back With An Early Look At An Episode From Season 2!
Criminal Tendencies By Astrological Sign
14 Stars Share Their 2012 New Year's Resolutions
Tonight! Liveblogging The Premiere Of "The Bachelor"
Today's Lady News: Reader Submission Edition
Elle Fanning Raids Her Big Sister's Closet Like A Regular Teen Girl
Avoid This Guy! 14 Warning Signs That He’s Not What You Want
Zooey Deschanel & JGL: Can They Just Date Already?
Alice In Waterland
10 Tips For Getting Fit In The New Year
Soapbox: Pulling The Mommy Card On Reproductive Rights
8 Apps Designed Specifically For Modern Douchebags
20 Things I Love About Men
For The Week Of January 2-8, 2012
Candy That Explodes In Your Mouth
We Don't "Like" This Facebook Bed
The Origin Of Sting's Tantric Sex Urban Legend Revealed
7 New Year’s Resolutions Not To Make
Jennifer Hudson Could Have Been "Precious" & 23 Other Casting Close Calls
Mo'Nique Suing Over Dog Dookie
This One Time Bob Hope Went to A Party At Salvador Dali's House
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