Archives: January, 2012

Evening Quickies: Julianne Moore Proves A Perfect Sarah Palin
Nepali Ritual "Weds" Girls To God
Today's Lady News: Susan G. Komen Cancer Charity Halts Grants To Planned Parenthood
January 31: What Are We Wearing Today?
"The Bachelor"'s Courtney Robertson In A Caesars Palace Commercial
Faces Of Skate
5 Paychecks To A Better Makeup Bag
Check Out The Most Epic A Capella Disney Medley Ever
A Kitty Hit By Cupid's Arrow
Style Resolution: Get Dressed Every Day
Damn, Girl, That Plastic Looks Good On You
Mindy Kaling Gets All Up In Fox's Ladybits Playing An OB/GYN In New Sitcom
How To Bathe Like A Rock Star
Woman Weds Warehouse To Save Its Life
Fleshlight Will Make Masturbating To Your iPad Even Easier/Messier
5 Things To Talk About Before You Move In Together
Vanity Fair's Annual Young Hollywood Issue Tucks Away Women Of Color, Renders Everyone Else Unrecognizable
Kristen Bell Loves Herself Some Sloth
"Drive" On (DVD)
"Gossip Girl" Finally Reveals Who Gossip Girl Is 100 Episodes After Anyone Cares
Bad-Boy Club Drug Could Be The Answer To Depression
In Defense Of Katherine Heigl & The "America's Sweetheart" Problem
Morning Quickies: Did Russell Brand Divorce Katy Perry Over Drugs?
Win This! "Breaking Dawn" Blu-Ray/DVDs, Soundtracks & Signed Poster
Hero Of The Week: Virginia State Senator Janet Howell Attaches A Rectal Exam Amendment To Anti-Abortion Bill
Fashion Week Internationale Visits Nigeria
Hair Dos: 8 Sexy Hairstyles From The SAG Awards And How To Get Them!
Evening Quickies: Cynthia Nixon Clarifies Controversial "Gay Is A Choice" Comments
Woman Robs Liberty Tax Services Using Curling Iron
Today's Lady News: Three Canadians Convicted Of So-Called "Honor Killings"
Style Stealer: Emma Roberts' Fabulous Florals
Check Out Who Dressed To Impress At The Directors Guild Of America Awards
Afghan Woman Reportedly Killed For Bearing Baby Girl
January 30: What Are We Wearing Today?
What It Costs To Make Charlize Theron Look Good
New Research Suggests Cougars Have Shorter Life Spans
5 Frisky-Friendly Films That Debuted At The Sundance Film Festival
Honest Question: How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?
Uggs Banned At One Middle School -- But It's Not Why You Think
Campus Confidential: On Attending A Women-Only College
5 Most Common Relationship Fights And How To Avoid Them
The Screen Actors Guild Awards: The Debatable!
Michelle Obama Probably Didn't Spend $50,000 At Agent Provacateur
Can You Ever Escape "The List"?
The Screen Actors Guild Awards: The Bad!
The Screen Actors Guild Awards: The Good!
10 Things I'll Wear When I'm Braver
Frisky Q&A: Lionel Shriver, Author Of "We Need To Talk About Kevin"
The Rules Of Conduct For A Stayover Relationship
Infographic: 15 Ways To Tie A Scarf
Morning Quickies: Christina Aguilera Mysteriously Drips At Etta James' Funeral
For The Week Of January 29-February 5, 2012
What A Wonderful Wallet
How To Play The "Bridesmaids" Martin Scorcese Drinking Game
Don't Show-cha Your Chocha
Who Knew? A Test Tube Chandelier Is Surprisingly Lovely
Tabatha Coffey Thinks Blue Ivy Carter Needs A Drag Queen Nanny
The Daily Ovulation: Zoe Shreds It On Guitar
Beauty Test Drive: Target PixiGlow Fairy Face Palette
Online Dating: I’m Not Too Picky -- I Just Have Too Many Choices!
5 Purchases I'm Going To Make This Year That Will Make Me Feel Rich
Random Single Gal Recipe: Miso 'N' Mustard Marinated Fish With Sauteed Kale
Artisan Pencil Sharpening Is A Thing
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Does Another Disgustingly Adorable Thing
Stars Fête Prada's 24-Hour Museum
Be My Boyfriend: Guy Who Made The World's Largest Gumball Out Of ABC Nicorette
Jon Hamm On Don And Peggy's Subordi-Friendship
Beauty Test Drive: REN Pore Minimizing Mask
Style Stealer: The Stars Of "Bachelorette"
Drew A Jew? 8 Celebs Who Converted For Love
Style Retrospective: Zoe Saldana
Weekend Project: DIY Apple-Vanilla Bourbon
Emma Stone & Andy Samberg Star In "MLK Day" (No, Not Really)
Evening Quickies: Behold, Michael Fassbender's Naked Butt
Today's Lady News: British Plastic Surgeons Say Advertising Their Procedures Should Be Banned
This Week In Sex: 12 Striptease Tips & Scratching An Ankle Itch Is As Pleasurable As Sex
Fashion By The Numbers
Fun With Photoshop: If Stars Took Steroids!
Model Inner Monologue: Feeling Flush
New Hampshire Considering Reversal Of Domestic Violence Laws
It's All In Your Head? 9 Strange Cases Of Mass Hysteria
Only You Can Prevent Animal Merkins From Becoming A Trend
You Can Take A Class On Beyoncé At Rutgers University
7 Movie Posters That Were Banned For Being Too Sexy
4 Reasons Why Space Sex Sounds Like An Awful Idea
Demi Moore's 911 Call Released: "Smoked Something Similar To Incense," "Convulsing"
Smooth Groove & 5 Other Products To Conceal Your Camel Toe
Prosecutor Sues Ex-Girlfriend For Slamming Him On Boyfriend-Grading Website
We Salute You: Girl Who Tried To Save Her Mother's Life With A Piece Of Pizza
The Best Save-The-Date Ever? We Think So!
Nostalgia Bomb: 10 Awesome Kids' Shows And What They Taught Us
If Annie Is All Grown Up, That Means We Are Too
North Carolina Politician Calls For Public Hanging Of Abortion Providers
Girl Talk: Why Am I Scared Of Men?
"Toddlers & Tiaras"' Moms Vs. Media: Who's Sexualizing These Little Girls?
Sniff Your Way To A Full 8 Hours
Rihanna's Creating A New Fashion Reality Show
Makeup Bag: The Best Black Eyeliners
Morning Quickies: Winehouse Family Pissed John Paul Gaultier "Borrowed" Amy's Image
Model Inner Monologue: Spontaneous Combustion
12 High-Fashion Nipple Moments At Paris Couture Week
Diablo Cody Says Feminists "Should Be Up My Butt"
When Two Porn Stars Run For Mayor, Everybody Wins
5 Real And Imagined Ridiculous Campaign Promises
The Most Baffling Things About Women's Clothing
Blake Lively Does Her Best Marilyn Monroe Impression
What to Listen to When You’re Getting It On
He Said/She Said: Male Stereotypes That Are More Fact Than Fiction
Zooey Deschanel Opens Up About Her Weight
Marriage Won't Make You Happier
WATCH: Two-Headed Pig For Sale
Evening Quickies: Jennifer Aniston Buys A Sweet New Pad, Plus Jean-Paul Gautier Channels Amy Winehouse
Today's Lady News: NYPD Commissioner's Son Greg Kelly Accused Of Sexual Assault
"Alibi" Aftershave Designed To Hide Strip Club Smells
January 26: What Are We Wearing Today?
Doo-Ri Chung To Unveil Her Macy's Collaboration
Dude Looks We Love: The Well-Chosen Sock
The Couture Collections Are Here! Our 18 Favorite Looks From Day 3
Karl Lagerfeld Outdoes Himself (Again)
Young Maggie Smith's Cheekbones Were As Sharp As Her One-Liners
Shopping Guide: 12 Ways To Brighten Up This Winter With Neon
Sometimes You're Just A Wet Kitten Waiting To Be Dried
Things That Happen When You Eat Only Chicken Nuggets For 15 Years
Dealbreaker: He Brought His Grandma On Our Date
Jon Rips Mitt Romney's Tax Rate
Meet The Sassy Ladies Of "Advanced Style"
Breaking: Sometimes Men Wear Their Hair In Buns!
A Fake Sun And 19 Other Ways To Beat The Winter Blahs
AZ Governor Jan Brewer Shoves A Finger In The President's Face, People Flip Out
Blerg! And Other S**t Liz Lemon Says
Girl Talk: My Husband Cockblocks Me
Mascara That Stays Where It's Supposed To
Bad PR Move: No Uggos Allowed At Pretty People Party
How To Get Back In Touch With Your Sensuality: 5 Tips From A Nature Girl
8 Signs It's Time To Take A Break From Your Relationship
Morning Quickies: Beth Ditto Gets MAC Makeup Collection
8 Scientists We Want To Date And Why
Rihanna Pays Homage To Tupac With Icky-Looking Tattoo
Brad Pitt Discusses The Likelihood He'll Marry Angelina Jolie
Fun & Games: The "My Strange Addiction" Bingo Card
Evening Quickies: Demi Moore Was Hospitalized For Doing Whip-Its?!
Today's Lady News: Rep. Gabby Giffords Resigns From Congress
Etsy Spotlight: Vintage Shoes In Every Size
You're All A Beautiful Bunch Of Gimps, Really
Starbucks Speaks Out In Support Of Gay Marriage
The Best Dressed At Haute Couture Week (Days 1 & 2)
Victoria's Secret Launches High-End Collection
13 Transgressive Looks From Thom Browne
Ongoing Jennifer Aniston Pregnancy Rumors Illustrate Why You Shouldn't Believe Tabloids
Style Resolution: Dress Like An Adult
All-Female Team Builds Barracks In Record Time
You Can Pay Someone To Suffer Through Online Dating For You
Marion Cotillard Is Stunning Sans Fards
The Soapbox: Gizmodo's “Pinterest Is Tumblr For Ladiez” Is Insulting To Everyone
Amanda Knox "Loves Italy" And Plans To Go Back
Is He Falling Asleep After Sex To Avoid Commitment Talk? Research Says Yes
The Life Of A Sex Surrogate -- Now A Feature Film
Mind Of Man: We Broke Up Because Of Her Weird Fetish
Unauthorized "Downton Abbey" Jewelry Pulled From PBS Website
Vanessa Paradis Makes "Mind Your Own Business" Sound So Eloquent
Amelia Talks Online Dating Dos & Don'ts On "The Today Show"
Hitched: My Maid Of Honor Hates Weddings
A Backpack With Bicycle Appeal
Miley Cyrus Eats Liam Hemsworth's Penis Cake Like A Pro
The "Bachelor" Women Need To Stop Forcing Love
50 Teeny Tiny Ways To Make Your House A Lot More Fabulous
Morning Quickies: Demi Moore Rushed To Hospital Monday Night
Pork: The Other Nasal Tampon
Hair Dos: 5 Ways To Rock Short Hair
Aubrey Plaza Would Do Murder For Ryan Gosling
What Your Pencil Says About You
The Real Reason Why Women Go On Cleanses
Evening Quickies: Katherine Heigl's 3-Year-Old Daughter Upstages Her On "The View"
Today's Lady News: Abortion Is Safer Than Giving Birth, Says Study
40 Stars At Sundance
January 24: What Are We Wearing Today?
Funny Or Die Removed Comic's "Obscene" Breastfeeding Skit (NFSW)
Top 10 Reasons The Olympics Needs The Spice Girls
Home Inspiration: Lovely Lavender
World's Longest Hug Record Broken In London
Venn Diagram: Portland Vs. Brooklyn
Squirrel Friend In A Coma
The Couture Collections Are Here! Our 27 Favorite Looks From Day One
French Elle Writer Has Many, Many Racist Thoughts To Share About Black People And Fashion
Let's Talk About All The Things Wrong With This Photo Of Michael Cera And Ben Flajnik
10 Things My Dentist Has Said To Me That Might Have Been Pick-Up Lines
5 Things Never To Say To Women With Short Hair
Kate Moss Lands A Major Ad Campaign
A Scrotum Itch Commercial Worth Watching, Even For The Scrotum-Less
13 Things To Do After Sex Besides Sleeping Or Cuddling
New Fiona Apple Album Could Be Coming In "Next Few Weeks"
The Art Of The Manicure
Girl Talk: I Met My Husband On My First Online Date
A Straight-Up Sexy Dress
Where Would You Live If You Could Live Anywhere?
They Was Robbed -- 8 Stars Who Were Overlooked By The Oscars
Morning Quickies: Seal Says "The Breakup Will Not Be Nasty"
8 Life Lessons From A 52-Year-Old Prostitute
Get All Your Wild "Downton Abbey" Gossip From Downton Glamour Magazine!
Kate Middleton's Vacation Is Annoying Anonymous Millionaires
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