Indian Gang Rape Victim, Age 23, Dies From Injuries

  • There are no words: the 23-year-old woman in India who was brutally gang raped by at least six men last week has died from her multiple injuries. [Newser]
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  • Rebecca Tarbotton, executive director of the Rainforest Action Network, has died at age 39. [Democracy Now]


  • A man in India publicly beheaded his sister on December 7 in a shocking display of domestic violence after she left an unhappy arranged marriage. Niolfar Bibi, 22, went into the arranged marriage at age 14 and left this past November to stay with her parents, alleging that her in-laws had been torturing her. She disappeared and was found with an ex-boyfriend; her older brother cut her head off with a butcher knife in a so-called “honor killing” and turned himself in at a police station.  [Al-Jazeera]
  • Japan may revise its official apology to “comfort women,” the women forced into sex slavery during World War II. [New York Times]
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