Former MTV VJ Dave Holmes Is Not Abusing Azealia Banks, Mmmkay?

Today In We Should Be Careful About Posting Other People’s Photos On The Internet Accusing Them Of Shit They May Not Have Actually Done:

Former MTV VJ Dave Holmes took to his Tumblr blog today to clear something up: he is not the Dave Holmes who is managing/dating Azealia Banks and allegedly tried to rough her up.

So kindly please stop  reposting pictures of him on the Internet accusing him of being a domestic abuser, okay?

Earlier this week, Azealia Banks tweeted (which has been taken town):

Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes is a piece of sh-t. Second time he has put his f-cking hands on me.

She has since followed up with tweets:

You know how someone lets you down once.. And you give them another chance, and they let you down again?

A Jealous Man is a Dangerous man.

Karma will get you, sir

So then folks on the interwebs wanted to find a picture of this Dave Holmes character. So they did a Google image search and … well … I’ll let the ex-MTV DJ Dave Holmes explain himself:

This week, Azaelia [sic] Banks took to Twitter and accused her boyfriend/manager of “trying to put his hands on” her. Since the boyfriend/manager’s name is Dave Holmes, a good many of the world’s gossip blogs simply did a Google image search and grabbed the first picture they found, which happens to be mine. So I’ve been dealing with those blogs one by one, and with the countless strangers throughout the social media universe who now believe me to be a domestic abuser. It’s been pretty depressing, the way anybody with a laptop can carelessly wreck another human being’s reputation, the fact that no adults seem to be in charge anymore, the idea that there is no such thing as truth. And that this is all happening around a woman who may have been hit by her boyfriend makes it sicker and sadder and a better reason for me to throw my laptop into a lake and go be a fucking park ranger whose only friends are trees and clumsy bears.

Anyway, now people are trying to send me beats.

Um. Hello. Do people not realize that Dave Holmes the ex-MTV VJ has been openly gay, like, forever and definitely not dating Azealia Banks? Or managing Coldplay? Come on, media. You can do a tiny bit of research if you are going to accuse someone of domestic violence. Holmes is right: “Anybody with a laptop can carelessly wreck another human being’s reputation.”

Trust me, I fucking hate domestic abusers.  As the media, however, we need to have some accountability for our actions that could have far-reaching consequences. So, people, if you’re going to plaster someone’s face online accusing them bad shit, you had damn well better be sure you are not mistaken.

Anyway, stay tuned for whatever happens with Azealia Banks and the real Dave Holmes. Her tweets said this is the second time her boyfriend/manager has put his hands on her, or tried to. That shit does not fly. I hope Banks dumps him as her manager and her boyfriend and put him behind bars where it seems like he belongs.

(Thanks to Lilit Marcus for the tip.)

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