A Response To Brandon Chicotsky Of BaldLogo.com

Dear Brandon,

First may I say that I am beyond flattered that you A) read my “Be My Boyfriend” post about you and B) made a video in response. To quote myself when I found out about it: “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”

I have a couple of points to address with you, Brandon. This is a bit tangential, but I notice that you are holding a cat in the video. If you ever want us to date, I should be up front and tell you that you’ll have to ditch the cat. I have an issue with male cat owners. Also, I’m highly allergic. Sorry. That’s the deal.

OK. Back to the matter at hand: your challenge to me. I am usually powerless when it comes to challenges. I once climbed a tree in a cocktail dress just because my best friend dared me to. However, my curly hair is an important part of my identity. It’s something that makes me different. And I won’t shave it under any circumstances. I would be happy to volunteer for day — for more than a day even — and teach kids with Alopecia Areata that those who are different are just as special as everybody else.

As a former high school teacher, I have dedicated many years of my life to communicating this message to young people. I firmly believe that I can continue to communicate it, to be a role model and a mentor, without shaving my head. We all have things that make us different. Some of our differences are on the outside, for the world to see, and some are on the inside. All are equal.

So, what say you? Can we negotiate? I’ll wear a bald cap if you want me to, but I still want that date.

With respect,

Ami Angelowicz