A Christmas Miracle! Stolen Mini-Pony Returned To Circus

A miniature pony named Fridolin (not pictured, that’s another mini pony, sorry) that was stolen from a circus was returned safely after being missing for two weeks. The pony was taken in mid-December from the traveling Vienna Christmas Circus. Circus director Adolf Lauenburger told reporters he wasn’t interested in punishment, he just wanted the pony back. “Fridolin is the tiny star of our animal crew and works together with another horse to entertain the public. One of the great things about him is that he doesn’t have a fixed schedule – he just does what he wants and is a real natural performer in entertaining. Nobody taught him – he just seems to know.”

I love a pony that just “does what he wants.” Lauenburger explained that the pony was embedded with a tracking chip — just like a pet dog might — and was considered an irreplaceable part of the show, so it’s great that he’s back. And according to an anonymous caller, he’d been stolen in order to provide cheer to a sick child, and was fed baby food while in away. Which is something I would like to see. [Vienna Times]